Winter Wonder
Winter Wonder
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December 21 to March 20. Because of the tilt of the Earth's axis, less sunlight falls on the area tilted away from the Sun. This is usually a time for withdrawal and introspection.

Classifications: Hemitonic - Pentatonic - Minor - Key of C - Cm9

Note and Octave: C5 Eb5 G5 Bb5 C6 D6 Eb6 G6

Length: 40"

Width: 7-3/8"

Weight: 6 lbs

Concert Reference Pitch: A448

Tuning Standard: Just Intonation

Compatible With: Aries, Autumn Aura, Close Encounters, Fire, Hallelujah, Jupiter, Lingering Lullaby, Make A Wish, Neptune, Pluto, Spring Splendor, Summer Simmer, The Blues, Venus, Virgo, Westminster Quarters, Wind

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