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Westminster Quarters Wind Chime

Wind Chime Dimensions: 40" L x 7-3/8" W x 6 Lb x 8 Notes

Westminster Quarters Wind Chime

Westminster Quarters Wind Chime
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Westminster Quarters sounds the 4 familiar tones of the famous Big Ben Clock Tower in London, known also as Westminster Chimes, Cambridge Chimes, and erroneously as Winchester Chimes. The name Westminster Quarters indicates that the Big Ben Clock Chimes sound once every quarter of the hour. While 4 different sequences of the 4 notes are used, all are included for tolling the top of the hour. The original musical key has been transposed up from E to D, and the 4 notes are duplicated in 2 octaves for a fuller sound.
Notes: A4 D5 E5 F#5 A5 D6 E6 F#
Type: Anhemitonic, Dadd9
Compatible: Amazing Grace, Ancient Echo, Aries, Autumn Aura, Brother Wind, Capricorn, Earth, Earthquake, Gemini, Happily Ever After, Jupiter, Leo, Lingering Lullaby, Lunar Eclipse, Make A Wish, Mercury, Morning Glory, Scorpio, Solar Flare, Spring Splendor, Summer Simmer, The Blues, Uranus, Venus, Virgo, Water, Winter Wonder

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 27 reviews: 5.0
Magnificient SoundAll the reviews here are true, I picked up one for my wife for mother's day and had no idea I would love it as much as her. Truly a work of art. Written by Bryan Parshall on Wed 11 May 2016 2:56:50 AM GMT
Westminster Quarters Wind ChimeI ordered five of these chimes as Christmas presents , I am very pleased that the delivery was so fast , one son lives in the mountains of Colorado and he received his within three days of the order. The chimes make beautiful music. Mr. Blanchard you don't make chimes, you compose chimes. I'm so glad I found you , I will be back for more.............thank you so much Written by Pat Ross on Mon 29 Dec 2014 6:54:24 PM GMT
westminster wind chimeshank you for the sound.. it is wonderful!! I came across this site, by a blessing. was looking for windchimes and this page popped up thank GOD!!!! Written by LINDA ADAMS on Thu 4 Dec 2014 8:16:18 PM GMT
Westminster Quarters Wind ChimeVery pleased with my order. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Davis! Happy Holidays! Written by Louann Anson on Thu 7 Nov 2013 9:10:58 PM GMT
Westminster Wind ChimeI ordered the Westminster chime for a special friend that loves wind chimes. She absolutely loves this chime, the melody is beautiful! This chime is worth every penny! Written by Clint Bennetsen on Sat 24 Aug 2013 4:16:49 PM GMT
Born with perfect pitchI ordered the Westminster Quarter wind chimes. With having perfect pitch, most wind chimes are hard to listen to...this is the most INCREDIBLE wind chime I have ever heard. Every time someone sits in our backyard, we get a compliment on the wind chimes!!! I will definitely order again and THANK YOU for making my ears and heart happy at the same time! Dr. Dawn Bain Written by Dr. Dawn Bain on Thu 4 Jul 2013 4:29:10 PM GMT
Westminster chime and Lingering Lullaby Wind ChimeThank you got my mother one of these westminster chimes and my grandparents a lingering lullaby shipping was very fast thanks for that and the chimes are amazing made the perfect Christmas gifts and I'm sure ill be back here for a few more of these chimes they are amazing! THANKS AGAIN! Written by Brett Durrant on Thu 27 Dec 2012 3:21:24 AM GMT
Westminster Quarters Wind ChimeThank you Davis for the quick shipment of our beautifully tuned Westminster Chime we absolutely love them and with the addition of the Lullaby chimes they are a great asset to our new front porch. Written by Robert Spurling on Fri 7 Sep 2012 1:50:45 PM GMT
Just Ordered My Third Set of ChimesI am anxiously awaiting my third set of chimes. These chimes are the best quality I have ever seen, so I know they will last a long time - perhaps outlive me! I have the Westminister Chimes and bought a set for a friend and today I ordered the Pipe Songs Wind Chime, and anticipate enjoying the sounds as long as I can keep my doors and windows open! I am planning on getting a set for my son & his familysoon. What a wonder product David produces!! Written by A very satisfied customer from Beaver, PA on Mon 16 Apr 2012 8:42:40 PM GMT
Westminster chimesMy daughter bought the Westminster chimes for me as a birthday gift, and I am thrilled. Pulling them out of the box and hanging in my hands they sounded lovely. I've never, ever, heard such sound coming from wind chimes. Just beautiful. Written by Janet Howell on Mon 2 Apr 2012 11:05:55 PM GMT
A LITTLE TOUCH OF HEAVENI bought these chimes to cheer up a sick relative. She said she can hear the soothing harmonies all over the house. You made an elderly woman very happy. Thank you! Written by A satisfied customer on Tue 3 Jan 2012 3:35:05 PM GMT
HIGHEST SATISFACTIONOne of the best purchases I have ever made. In a report by ABC News three weeks ago on MADE IN THE USA, it depicted a woman who had bought wind chimes. I researched, and was able to find Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes (a totally USA made product). In the report it stated that spending $64.00 in US made products would help stir the economy and create over 200,000 new jobs. I feel I have done my part, and the Westminster Quarters is well worth the money. I highly recommend it to any one looking for a wind chime, especially with the deep rich tone it has. I wish the company well, and others will buy a product of their choosing from Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes. It will be a treausre that never fades,or is totally consumed, it will go on and on and on. Written by Dan Puckett on Mon 26 Dec 2011 8:12:41 PM GMT
Perfect way to unwindI am absolutely thrilled with these chimes. I have them hanging on my front porch to catch the southern breeze. My boyfriend and I will open the front door in the evening just to listen to the beautiful melodic tones they create. I bought the same chimes for my mom who lives in Oklahoma for Mother's Day . She said as my dad was carrying them through the house to hang them outside, she wished there were a way to hang them in the house so she could enjoy them inside. Love them, David. Thank you for making a product that I will NEVER tire of listening to. Written by Cristi Bryant on Tue 8 Nov 2011 2:28:09 PM GMT
Really happy with this purchase and serviceOrdered these wind chimes to take as a gift for my parents in law who live in the French countryside. As a last minute purchase I needed delivery in 2 days and was very happy with the preferential delivery. I was unsure how potentially noisy wind chimes would be received by my relatives but they absolutely adored the sound and we were serenaded to sleep with the sound if them hanging in the apple tree. Never heard such perfectly tuned chimes, so it was a pleasant surprise. Written by alison on Mon 15 Aug 2011 12:38:32 PM GMT
Beatiful sound!!I am impressed with the beautiful sound the chimes create. Just wonderful! I bought another chime and a gift for my Aunt and she is enjoying hers as well. Great workmanship and fast shipping...all around great value. I will most definitely be back for more! Written by Ruth Craycraft on Sat 25 Jun 2011 9:10:27 PM GMT
Always wonderful to listen toOne of things you worry about when buying wind chimes is will you get tired of the noise. We've had these over a year now and still love the sound. They never get tiresome. They never sound bad - even in high winds. They add a calm and beauty to our lives that is always pleasant and welcome. Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes are highly recommended to all. Written by Clyde Davidson on Fri 29 Apr 2011 12:59:22 AM GMT
Nothing Sweeter on Sweetest Day!!My husband gave me the Westminster chime for sweetest day. I am in awe and pray for a breeze everyday. I need another now for our RV. Absolutely beautiful!! Written by J Frens on Sun 7 Nov 2010 4:05:53 AM GMT
I am in loveWith my chimes and am planning to buy a couple more. The sound is beautiful, mesmerizing and relaxing. I have now brought the fourth perfectly tuned chime with me to Germany and my house will turn into the most musical place around the Rheingau Region. Thank you Davis! Written by Cornelia Stenz on Fri 13 Aug 2010 11:41:49 AM GMT
Educated about chimesI have been collecting chimes for a number of years now and it wasn't until I bought the Westminister chimes and read this Website that I was really educated about windchimes. I had no idea of how important it is in the placement of chimes to get the full effect and what would not work. Thank You. My chimes hang off my upper patio and now I have the Westminister chime next to a large one that is lower in sound and they both catch the wind perfectly. Together, they chime like two married lovers. The only problem I had was convincing my husband to keep moving them around...ha ha. But, seriously I love my new chimes and I plan on buying some of the CD's too. Catherine Written by Catherine Pondozzi on Tue 1 Jun 2010 2:51:08 PM GMT
westminster wind chimeI have just received my westminster wind chime and am very pleased with it ..It is just beautiful!! I f the wind isn't blowing I Help it along to hear it. Look forward to ordering other chimes from David Blanchard Dianne Foley. Alabama 5-8-10 Written by Dianne L. Johnson on Sun 9 May 2010 3:02:29 AM GMT
Wonderful fathers day giftWe bought this chime for my dad for father's day, and he LOVES it! It is beautiful and peaceful. We only wish we had more wind so we could hear more of it :). Written by Kimie Pruessner on Thu 6 May 2010 5:43:57 AM GMT
Peaceful Melodious ChimeI bought this wind chime for myself this past Christmas. On Christmas Eve I hung it at the corner of my front porch. This particular day, on our farm in West Tennessee, was terribly windy and the weather was threatening. But the wind chimes sung their peaceful and melodious song. I thought I could almost hear parts of "The First Noel". In some instances, it sounds like other instruments are being played. It brought peace to our farm that day and night. Even the farm animals seem to enjoy! This is a beautiful wind chime. It was a great purchase and gift to myself and family, and I'm loving it each day! Thank you. Written by Jenny Milam on Wed 27 Jan 2010 2:21:49 PM GMT
5 stars is rightI ordered one for me and one for my sister who's husband just passed away after a long fight with cancer. She recieved it in Calif. the other day and has it hanging already...the whole family is enjoying it and hopefully they will think of him when they hear it. I have not hung mine up yet but can't wait. Written by Pat Duthie on Thu 7 Jan 2010 8:28:09 PM GMT
Our Boss will love them!!!After being delivered to work, my co-workers heard these wonderful chimes and they asked whether they could go in on the gift for one of our bosses. I can't really blame them as we toil every year to come up with something for a man who lives simply and has few wants. I spent half a day on-line looking before deciding on your windchimes. Thanks for such wonderful, equisite wind chimes to give a great boss who is loves music and has a special place in his heart for Westminster. On an end note, your service was absolutely outstanding. Written by Diane Miller on Fri 4 Dec 2009 6:50:23 PM GMT
AwesomeI have just received the Westminster Wind chime and I must confess that I have fallen in love. The sound is misterious, alluring, sensual and yet soothing and relaxing. They are well constructed and look great. I spend several hours searching the web for the perfect chime. I came into this website and the simplicity of navigation and the amount of information about tones, scales, etc. was great. The fact that your chimes have such great sound won me over. I look forward to purchasing other chimes from you. Written by Wanda Chaparro on Fri 24 Apr 2009 12:56:17 AM GMT
This chime will spoil you!I've had the Westminster Quarters Wind Chime for about a week now. Everyone who has heard it has commented on how beautiful it sounds, neighbors from afar and visitors within. The various tones are so harmonious and melodic compared to other windchimes. The actual sound in my opinion is gentler and a bit softer than the player on the site has it. Absolutely beautiful sound, I smile every time I hear it. Currently I have it located centrally outside on a large screened patio so that almost every room in the house can hear it when the doors and windows are open. It catches the wind very well even behind a screen. This is my favorite of any windchime I have ever heard. Well worth the money. If you only get one, get this one. Written by Sharon Cohen on Mon 13 Apr 2009 6:22:48 PM GMT
Still Awestruck After 29 Years!!!In 29 years I don't know why I never produced this tuning! The Westminster sound is so simple, yet so amazingly sweet and beautiful. This is absolutely my favorite. Kudos to the original composer so many hundreds of years ago... Written by Davis Blanchard on Fri 13 Feb 2009 2:15:10 PM GMT
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