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Uranus Wind Chime

Uranus Wind Chime

Uranus Wind Chime
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The rotation of Uranus is such that the poles are almost parallel with the plane of orbit around the sun.
Notes: C#5 E5 G#5 B C#6 D#6 E6 F6
Type: Hemitonic, Hexatonic, C#minor11
Compatible: Capricorn, Debussy Bells, Earth, Earthquake, Gemini, Happily Ever After, Leo, Libra, Lunar Eclipse, Mercury, Morning Glory, Sagittarius, Saturn, Solar Flare, Taurus, Water, Westminster Quarters

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Uranus wind chime a stunning work of artThese chimes are atrong and beautifully constructed. The gentle melodic sounds remind to stop and appreciate the music of life. The sound is lovely, the quality is outstanding, and the price was worthwhile. Written by Bobbie Hamilton on Tue 26 Aug 2014 12:15:26 AM GMT
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