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The Blues Wind Chime

The Blues Wind Chime

The Blues Wind Chime
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The Blues tells you how it really is! The ubiquitous blues form is characterized by specific chord progressions (twelve-bar blues), and the gradually bent blue notes.
Notes: B4 E5 G5 A5 Bb5 B5 D6 E6
Type: Hemitonic, Hexatonic, Key of E Minor
Compatible: Ancient Echo, Aries, Autumn Aura, Capricorn, Debussy Bells, Earth, Earthquake, Gemini, Hallelujah, Leo, Lingering Lullaby, Lunar Eclipse, Make A Wish, Mercury, Morning Glory, Solar Flare, Spring Splendor, Summer Simmer, Twilight, Venus, Virgo, Water, Westminster Quarters, Winter Wonder
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