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"Your chimes bring me peace"

I bought this set of wind chimes, As a gift to you from me.
Hang them on your porch, Or even from a tree.
A gentle breeze will blow them, The sound will bring a smile.
So sit on down, right under them, And listen for awhile.
The song that they are singing, Is a message for you to hear.
The words that they are saying are, 'A friend is always near.'

Thank you guys, I bought my wife one of your wind chimes for her birthday. After looking and listening at different websites for the best value and most harmonic sounding yours was my choice. My wife is very happy and it sounds great in our backyard. She now wants one for her sister! Charles

I received the wind chimes today and they are outstanding. I am very pleased and the quality unsurpassed. ThANK U. Andrea

We love your wind chimes!!! Not only do we love them but my neighbors tell me how much they love hearing them in the distance. I live in a large planned community in San Diego with all of our fenced-in back yards touching each other. I am happy that your wind chimes are not only bringing us joy and positive vibes but for my neighbors as well. Thank you and God bless your hands for making these beautiful sounding chimes for us. My Best, P.S. I am buying an extra one for my dear friend for her bday. Denise

Thanks so much. FYI, I purchased one of your wind chimes for my dad about 4 years ago. He passed away a year or so later and I gave the wind chime to my dear friend who has a lovely old tree in her yard and she and her mother loved sitting in the yard listening to the chime. Well, her mom passed away yesterday (at the age of 96) and I can’t think of anything that would bring more comfort to my friend right now than to have another wind chime in the memory of her mother. You do beautiful work. Thanks. Lisa

Dear Mr. Blanchard, I can't believe how prompt you are in responses! I have never experienced such great service!! Thank you for fixing my error. Wonderful of you to do so. Wishing you a Christmas of peace and love. Joyce

These wind chimes are amazing. This is the first time the weather has allowed me to sit outside and enjoy the ones I got my husband for Christmas. I have never ever heard anything like this…perfectly packaged and delightful. Thank you. Kathy

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you. My wife got me a set of chimes for Christmas. We haven’t put them outside yet, so they’re hanging from a hanging plant hook just inside our front foyer. I have a little Chihuahua mix and when I opened the chimes Christmas, she went crazy. She loves them just as much as I do. Now, when I get home from work, the first thing she does is run to the chimes and sits and begs until I hit the chimes to make some noise. So, on behalf of Bella, thank you for making such a great sounding product. John

Hi Guys....I have three of your windchimes that I purchased a good 5 years ago. To me, they are just incredibly soothing and the best part of most days is to sit out in a breeze and listen to them. I also own several other brands, but yours are, by far, the best and have even given some as gifts (Hard to part with even as gifts). Just wanted you to know some of your works are very loved and treasured.....Regards, Marie

I have several of these chimes and as a retired music teacher the quality and combination of pitch is extraordinary. Every home in America should have at least one. They are both beautiful and therapeutic. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. Karen

This will make 7 of your wind chimes hanging around my yard, and I have given several as gifts. Everyone comments on how lovely they sound. I noticed the neighbors took down their own un-melodious chimes ~ the better to hear mine, I think! Martha

Father D, Our deepest sympathies. The loss of a mother is significant, no matter what her age was! We can be grateful for many years but the loss is still a loss. A friend gave us one of these chimes after my mom died. I never was a lover of chimes. But she said to hang it up and whenever it reaches our awareness... smile in memory of your mom! She gave this to me in October. We hung it the following spring 4 years ago and it's probably my most cherished item. I love the low tones, the gentleness and I do smile when I hear it and say thanks to Mom! Hope you enjoy it. P & J

Davis, These are the most utterly incredible wind chimes we have and ever heard. We can't wait for winds and storms to turn on the music extravaganza! P and K

Received my Westminister chimes today. They are a work of art and quality. The sound is beautiful and serene. I have them hanging under my front porch and couldn’t be happier. Thank you for the very fine instrument. Chris

add $10.00 for the tip jar... you guys always have such a quality product and it is greatly appreciated by all of those that we gift to. Rhonda

I just wanted to send you a note telling you that I received my wind chimes. In traveling to visit our relatives we would always stop at the same truck stop on the way. In the truck stop was always several wind chimes, one that I wanted but never bought. I have to say it sounded wonderful, but now I am glad I never did purchase them. Had I ...I would never have found your site and ordered these awesome wind chimes that sound 100% better than the ones I wanted. Thank you for taking your talent and time to make these beautiful sounding masterpieces for everyone to enjoy. Also, thank you for making them affordable! I keep going outside and standing there so I can hear the beautiful sound. :) Debbie

Dear Davis, I hope your wind chimes have made you a very wealthy man without a care in the world because you certainly deserve it. If they haven't done so, then God Bless You for your perseverance. My husband Josh & I were probably among your first customers in the 1980's. We lived in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We wandered into a shop nearby and both of us were immediately drawn to your wind chimes. Not just because they looked finer than any we had seen. We were mesmerized by the sounds of your chimes. We were not even looking for wind chimes and hadn't given them a thought until we saw and heard yours. Living at the beach, you can imagine how many wind chimes were dangling from every cottage and shop! There was no shortage of breezes or wind either. But the sounds of the wind and waves were almost overcome by the chaotic clatter of hundreds of wind chimes made mostly of wood, metal, shells. Your wind chimes reached out and grabbed us that day in the shop because they make beautiful music. Seriously, everything else faded into the background. Our focus was totally on your wind chimes. We were fascinated by your ability to produce such pure notes and to compose such wonderful music from pipe and strings! At the time, the shop carried one for each season. We must have spent a good hour or two trying to choose and were finally drawn to Winter Wonder. We went right home and found the perfect place to hang your wind chime and felt as if we had brought an exceptionally fine musical instrument into our lives. We moved a few times and always made sure there was a good place for your wind chimes. They provided the background music for our lives and never ceased to surprise, amaze, calm and comfort us. I lost Josh 20 years ago and your chimes remain one of my most prized possessions. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to learn you are still practicing your wonderful art. I have often wondered if you have any inkling of the immense impact you have on people's lives. You probably don't know how gifted you are and how many are blessed by your gifts. I am honored to be able to thank you for providing the musical accompaniment to the lives of my family for over 30 years. Thank you again for crafting an instrument that I could feel so grateful for! I’m sure there will be a fight over them after I’m gone! Have a wonderful life and I hope you can continue your art for many years to come. Sincerely, Barbara

I have to say thank you for creating such beautiful work. I am a huge fan of chimes and your site brought out so much emotion that I almost cried. Music is something that touches the soul no matter what troubles, joy, etc that we encounter on a daily basis. Your chimes fit so many different emotions. It is truly a work of art. Stacie

I'll get something done when these chimes quit performing for me. Shawn

Mr Blanchard, Thank you. My purchases are made after much research so that I might understand and truly know what desired results I am looking for, informed consumer. For years I have studied the various wind chime products always listening intently to the tone. I was never moved to make a purchase. My internal questions are always, does this tone resonate within me, does it draw out joy from within me, does it relax me and make me a better person. While all of your wind chimes answer to the affirmative, the Morning Glory chimes answered with a certain special affirmation within me. With the certainty of my purchase these beautiful wind chimes now reside on my front porch moving my inherited wind chimes from my mother to our garden. All are now greeted with the beautiful stirring sounds resonating from Morning Glory. Sunrise coffee now blends deliciously with the sounds of music releasing the joy of our creator. All of this possible only because of your attention to detail within tone, precision in blend and love of music. Thank you for your dedication to craftsmanship, care in shipping, and loyalty to the customer. May you be blessed as we are blessed. Daniel

Davis, I recently bought a Westminster Wind Chime from you. The sound, is so soothing and because it is designed to be musical, it sounds like a musical instrument when the wind blows. I believe the individual pipes are A, D,E, F#. It sounds like a musical chord, when the wind is just right. I sit or lay in bed, and many times I easily fall asleep, listening to the wind chime. It was worth the price, and I have no regrets, purchasing the wind chime from your company. The wind chime, is mounted by the edge of the roof. It gets a direct hit by the trade winds, which blow from the north east. We live on the windward side of the island of Oahu, which is in the direct path of the prevailing trade winds. On a mild trade wind day, is the best for the musical qualities of the wind chime to show off its full capabilities. The tranquil sound of its tuned resonance, makes for a beautiful tone that would make Mozart envious. I would be remiss, to say that even though it takes a breeze to have the wind chime do its thing, it is all worth it when it does. You may use this testimony for your web page if you think it would help potential customers decide it they want to get one of your wind chimes. Much Aloha, Dennis

I wanted to let you guys know how much I love my custom tuned wind chime. You did an outstanding job with it. I hung it yesterday. It’s amazing. Thank you!!! Jerry

Thank you - So love the one I ordered last year, Water. Looking forward to Morning Glory! Cathy

Dear Davis, We love our wind chimes. We have the set of four. Each one is exquisite. Thank you for doing what you do. We appreciate you sharing your talent with us. You have lifted the spirits of many. Thanks again. Best Regards, JoAnne

Hi, I have had Westminster Chimes for a number of months and I just ordered another set of chimes because honestly I have never heard anything so lovely in my life. I haven't even unpacked the 2nd set - I know I will like them. My chimes are not really in a place where neighbors are likely to hear them (or at least not loudly) but if they were, I will bet these are NOT the sorts of chimes that people complain of as "noisy." They really do provide music. Anyway, thank you for such a marvelous product which will provide pleasure for years to come. You are a true artist. Sincerely yours, Maureen

Hello, Thank you and we look forward to enjoying the melodious chimes this summer and for a long time to come. Kindest Regards, Katherine

Thank you Davis! This is my third wind chime order. My husband and I love your wind chimes! I have recently started a new career as a real estate agent and thought this would be a great closing /house warming gift for my clients. I hope to place many more orders as I get busier! I have also referred some of the other real estate agents that I work with to your website. Tina

You're so welcome, for the chime order. When I win the lottery, I'll have one of everything you make. So proud of you for doing such a fabulous job creating these delightful experiences of sound. Thank You Sharon

Just wanted you to know that I forwarded your link to my daughter who bought me the Amazing Grace wind chimes for Mother’s Day ! I had previously purchased a set of your wind chimes for a dear friend regarding her Mother’s passing. It was during that time when searching for the perfect gift, that I found your website. Now, I have some of your wind chimes for my very own! Conni

Thank you! I'm going to place my order on line this evening. It's SO hard to decide which one. They all sound beautiful. Susan

Davis, You produce lovely, quality chimes. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kathy

My wife and I received these as an anniversary gift many years ago and have enjoyed them thoroughly. Our children have enjoyed them also. So much so that we have just purchased a second set for our son and his fiance. Both our sons have recieved these from us, as engagement gifts. A family tradition we started. Our daughter will receive the same some day. They say when they hear them chime, it reminds them of our very first home, which they were all brought home to after birth. Thank you for your time, effort and beautiful product. Regards Paul

I just wanted to let you know that I live in Wylie, Texas and I have 5 of your wind chimes and all of them are still intact. I cannot say the same for other things in my yard (or house and car). So thank you for building not only great sounding chimes, but outstanding craftsmanship and quality in them. Susan

I received a set of wind chimes about four years ago for a Christmas present. I find peace during the scariest storms listening to your chimes! Thank you. Do you have a Facebook page? I would like to brag on your talent. Zinovia

Dear Davis and Franz, God bless you guys. I love your work and I might buy another one this summer!!! I'm looking forward to reading about your new innovations. I love the wind chime I bought from you so very long ago, "Earthquake." It is a constant source of joy. Music is magic, and the Davis Blanchard Wind Chime is the fairy godmother of Music. Yay for you guys! Lynn

Hi Davis, My daughter just sent me Lunar Eclipse for my birthday to go with the Earthquake she got me last year. They sound incredible together! Almost like one, big, harmonized wind chime! They're hung about 15' apart, btw. Many thanks, Cathy

Mr. Blanchard: I've had a set of your wind chimes for 30 years and just love them. Thanks so much, Keith

Hi Davis, About a year ago, I bought one of your windchimes, "Earthquake", as a gift for my sister. She treasures it! She loves it so much, she won't use it outside and risk aging by the elements, but has hung it inside, where she occasionally nudges it in passing. Recently during a visit, she did so, and I was reminded of its beautiful, clear tones. How I would love one of your chimes for myself. Your pricing is well worth the quality, but out of my league for myself. By any chance, do you have any seconds, damaged/discolored, discontinued chimes, returns (very hard to imagine), either assembled or as parts? I promise this isn't for resale purposes, but purely for my own harmonic "tuning", if you will. Please let me know when you can. Thank you so much for your time and attention! Sincerely, Lucia

Thank you so very much. I have have enjoyed my Westminster Chimes for years. Thanks!! Kathy

Greetings, Davis, My friend Dan Cohn ordered some chimes from you, and we both loved how they turned out when he hung them at his house. Michael

Love your website! It's great to hear these before buying them. This is a Christmas gift - my wife's old wind chime fell apart last summer. Daniel

This is my 3rd wind chime. Thank you, they are beautiful!! Doreen

Your wind chimes are beautiful and their sound is fantastic! Pam

My husband bought me a set of your windchimes from the Metal Museum in Memphis in the 1990s. Love the windchimes - we get lots of compliments on them. These are for gifts for our children. Adrian

I love the option to listen to the chimes on your website. This is for my son's Christmas present to help calm him in times of stress. He mentioned how important it is to have a chime that's musically tuned and I think he mentioned 448 as the preferred tone so that's what I bought. Linda

Your chimes and the wind create amazing music!!! Thank you!! Karen

Davis, This is my 5th … I think… chime I am ordering from you… I love them! Jennifer

Good morning! Your wind chimes are the best!! Thank you so much! Have a great day! Zera

Thanks Davis, I received my chimes and I love them. They have a wonderful sound; very impressed. I am ordering more for Christmas gifts! Thanks for great quality product! Kathy

Hi Davis, I gifted your beautiful musical wind chimes to a friend who moved to Hawaii! She loves them! Your wind chimes are the BEST, sound, tone are amazing! Have a successful, happy holiday season. Nancy

Davis, thank you. Not only are your chimes outstanding, your customer service is outstanding! Rosemarie

I ordered your chimes last year as a gift for my friends in the Netherlands. They loved it! Now I want one for myself. Thanks, Wanida

Davis, I still have my Westminister. It is a great instrument to have, with its beautiful sound! Merry Christmas! Aloha, Dennis

I have no where to hang more chimes just now but am well pleased with the set I got a few years ago. Thanks, keep me on the email list. Eric

Dear Davis, I bought "Brother Wind" some months ago and never let you know how beautiful it is. I'm not a music theorist but play piano enough to know that some sounds - some combination of notes effect us emotionally. This wind chime is just perfect - not too resonant, not too loud - just melodic and lovely! Magical! Thank you! Alison

Hello Davis, I just received my third Westminster Quarters chime from you, the first two I purchased for friends and this last one was for myself. It has a wonderful melody! If I wanted to get a second chime for myself, could you recommend a "sister" one to get? I would have them spaced about 30' apart. Thank you! And great job on your chimes!! Clint

Love your chimes so much that I am ordering them for Christmas gifts. Kim

THANK YOU.... FOR ALL YOUR ENERGY IN PUTTING THIS WEBSITE TOGETHER. MANY THANKS TO YOUR SON FOR HIS AMAZING TALENTS! After listening to all 45 chimes... We chose the Capricorn chimes due to it's lowest tone ranges... looking forward to our new home accompaniment. Joseph


These theme chimes (Westminster Quarters and Solar Flare) are so beautiful we are giving them to our special friends with that in mind. Patrick

Absolutely the best chime of ALL time. Sandra

I recently purchased an Amazing Grace Wind Chime from you & I love, love, love it! So now I want to add your Westminster Quarters to my listening pleasure. Thank you! Janice

We are placing your wind chime into an auction for South Texas Botanical Gardens in our event, mid October. I bet it will fetch 150..!? Hugh

I am a huge wind chime fan and have bought Stannard, Music of the Spheres and others and I'm so happy I found your site. So hard to choose but I bet this won't be my last purchase. I've been trying to find some place to restring a couple of Stannard chimes but can't so far. I think yours already look more durable. Thanks again for all you do and who you are! Lani

Thank you for your prompt response. I just ordered one of your beautiful chimes as a thank you gift. Thank you so much - you are a doll, on top of being a talented artist! Nice combo :). Linda

Davis--Thanks again for the quick response to my questions and concerns. If I ever have a chance to refer you to someone wanting a wind chime, rest assured your name will be the only one I mention. Bill

Davis, I just received my wind chime yesterday and I love it. I hung it near my bed and enjoyed it through the night. I also ordered your CD. Barbara

Thank you very much. I have never heard better chimes than yours and really want to keep ordering from you! Thank you for your quick response! Katherine

I have looked everywhere online and I found the same ole thing over and over until I found your site. So thanks to you and your son. Michelle

Awesome...all the wind chimes we have ordered from you have exquisite sounds! Thank you, Marilyn

Your chimes sound great. Michael

I own my own Davis Blanchard chimes which are a constant source of delight! Thank you so much! Marilyn

Dear Mr. Blanchard, I just received the wind chimes and they look lovely! I plan on shipping them to my mother so they arrive before I visit my family in July. My mother is 86 years old, in poor health and has little vision due to macular degeneration. I played numerous wind chimes via the phone to see what she liked and did not tell her the chimes were a gift for her! She liked so many but asked if I would play "Happily Ever After" over again and again. She loves this chime and said "it sounded familiar but I am not sure why"? I know why, a portion of Pachelbel - Canon in D was played at my wedding 30 years ago. INCREDIBLE! Best regards, Lisa

Gift for my elderly mother (86 and in poor health) who has macular degeneration and has almost lost her vision. It is very sad. Her hearing is intact and beautiful sound is her only source of pleasure. She loves wind chimes and will sit and listen for hours. I know she will love your wind chimes and be so happy! Lisa

Waiting a long time to replace a mediocre windchime with the BEST! Got the kids involved in picking out their favorite sounds - my husband will love this year's Father's Day gift. Adria

Beautiful chimes! Best sound I have found. Connie

Thank you for your reply. I'm glad yours are consistent. Before I found your website, I purchased a set of chimes that came damaged. One of the tubes was dented. They quickly sent a replacement set, however, the sound (to me) is "tinny" not as hearty as the damaged set, and doesn't resonate in my opinion as long. I'm planning to send both sets back. I'm disappointed as they are American made. I was wondering if the difference could be my imagination.. I'm glad I have an alternate now to shop with. Your chimes are so clean and clear. Just amazing! Warmly Jean

I love the sound of all your wind chimes! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. I am looking forward to enjoying the Water wind chimes real soon. :) Dawn

hello there...i LOVE the chimes...they are exquisite!... Kathleen

Thank you Davis! We are enjoying your Westminster chimes in our courtyard. Ancient Echo will be on the Southwest side of the house with some swift winds. I’ll be following up with gift orders in the future. Regards, Malcolm

I looked at many sites for wind chimes and loved yours. The fact that you had so many wonderful options and they could be listened to for 30 seconds is very smart. You were very prompt in responding to my e-mails and certainly most gracious. I love your personal approach with a photo, the explanation of the chords, etc. My friend, Barbara was thrilled with the fact that she could choose her own sound and your price point was excellent. Kathleen

Mr. Blanchard, I am a long time customer of yours. I have three of your chimes and enjoy them a great deal. Just for your information all my chimes have held up exceptionally well! Even through our blazing hot summers and sometimes severe winds. I do tie bands around them when the wind is very bad. The oldest ones are showing their age, but still sing to me daily. Thank you.. Neal

Thank you so much for writing back to me and for shipping out Mary's gift so promptly! My email screen name shows ".....7of9........" and this means I am the 7th of 9 kids in my family. How great it would be to send one of your chimes to each of the remaining sibs on their birthdays! ~ Margaret

Hi Davis ~ I have been an avid customer of yours for several years. I am also the author of a faith based book titled Come to the Garden, which Kathie Lee Gifford just recorded as an audiobook. I am looking for sound bites to be inserted in between chapters, and since I frequently refer to my wind chimes in my story (your windchimes), I am considering using sound bites of my chimes. Thanks so much! ~ Jenn

Davis, Thanks for the quick reply. I did place the order and I’m very much looking forward to it being added to my back yard. I’ve listened to many different chimes over the last few weeks. The reason that I am making my purchase with you is that there’s something about the way that your chimes seem to create more of a song than just a bunch of random notes being struck. My apologies for putting this in such layman’s terms; I just don’t know how else to say it. All the best to you! Craig

Hi Davis, Your windchimes are amazing! And affordable. Bless you! I'm trying to decide between Earthquake and Autumn Aura. I love the YouTube of Earthquake because you really get a sense of what it's going to sound like in your backyard. Wish there were a YouTube for Autumn Aura. I was listening to your "Up" snippet on YouTube and was pretty sure I heard it (that distinctive and wonderful b-flat). Do you have a list of the chimes on the snippet and would you be willing to send it to me so I can tell which chimes are playing when? Thanks! Regards, Cathy

Hi Davis, Wow, thank you so much! Yes, I've had so much fun listening to every single mp3 of your various chime "songs." Of course you can't do a YouTube of all of them--but the YouTube recordings are (to me) such good samples of what they really sound like for an extended time and in different amounts of wind. So it's really cool to have the "Up" snippets--a very good representation, even if for only a relative few seconds each. Sure does help me in the selection process! Thanks again. Cathy

Thank you Davis. Stunning work you do! :) All the best. Gary

Mr. Davis, I just received my Westminster Wind Chime. I couldn't believe the sound it produces. It sounds like a musical instrument, when the wind blows! It is also very sturdy looking with what looks like heavy duty twine and metal parts. I am very satisfied with your product, and if you wish to use my letter as a testimonial, you may do so. Thank you, very much for a high quality product. I foresee many years of listening pleasure. Much Aloha, Dennis

Mr. Blanchard, I was gifted one of your wind chimes as a wedding present and it was one of the best gifts my wife and I received. Since then I have purchased one for my in-laws and now I am interested in purchasing one for my parents this Christmas. Best Regards, Jeff

Hello, First off - LOVE the email address! Ha! Makes me chuckle! I've listened to almost every chime on your site. I absolutely LOVE the fact your chimes are handmade. I've had the site bookmarked for awhile. I'm going to fwd it to all my friends. Jordan

Yes! Sounds great. We LOVE that one- it's truly special. Thanks and I appreciate your contact and will spread the word about your business here in the North east :) In fact, if available, I may be purchasing another Morning Glory for my father in law soon. Thanks again Jennifer

I own one of your wind chimes and it gives me more pleasure than any other I have. I hope to eventually have several of your lovely creations. Mary

Good morning Mr. Blanchard, First I'd like to tell you that I am the happy owner of one of your handmade wind chimes. It brings us so much joy. Thank you for that. Secondly, I have just ordered 2 Happily Ever After wind chimes. I feel certain these gifts will be much appreciated, for many, many years to come. Namaste, Birnist

Dear Mr. Blanchard, Just heard from one of the people who received the Happily Ever After chimes as a wedding gift. They are "thrilled". They said the music makes them so happy. Wanted to let you know this. Thank you again. Namaste, Birnie

I love your wind chimes and hope to purchase more of them for my front porch as soon as the holidays are over. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Barbara

Hello Davis, I was just about to purchase some imported chimes from an online store when I came across yours. They sound amazing and I am thoroughly enjoying sampling all of your tunings! They are perfect. Thank you so much! Peace, Judy

Hi Davis, I love your wind chimes and placed an order for 4 of them just a bit ago. I have listened to a lot of wind chimes this past year and I always come back to your beautiful music. I'm excited because one of these is for me! Mary

Davis, Hello, I hope you are doing well. I ordered chimes many years ago and I have been very happy with them. I am interested in ordering the same chimes for some co-workers as Christmas gifts. Thank you! Curtis

Davis, I will be placing an order, just need to make some choices. I just love your chimes. I sent one of your chimes to my niece and she, in turn, sent me one. I listen to it all day and night and the sounds just bring me peace and joy. Kind of what the Christmas season is all about, huh? Anyway, thanks for keeping me on your email list. You'll be hearing from me soon. God Bless and enjoy the upcoming holidays. Kindra

Thank you! By the way, that chime has really lovely sounds!!! Thank you for your creativity! Will have to order some more in the future!!! Kathryn

Hi, First, let me say, I love your chimes! I gave one as an anniversary gift to our daughter and her husband and another as a 70th birthday gift to my brother and his wife. So, I'm back for a third for our son and daughter-in-law. Then, my husband says it's time for one for him so I'll need one for Christmas as well. Your music from the chimes will indeed be a lovely addition to ours. Thanks! And, hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Peg

Mr. Blanchard, I was gifted one of your wind chimes as a wedding present and it was one of the best gifts my wife and I received. Since then I have purchased one for my in-laws and now I am interested in purchasing one for my parents this Christmas. Best Regards, Jeff

Hello Davis, I hope all has been well for you and your son. I would like to thank you again for the wind chime that you sent me a few months back. I get lots of compliments. Actually I have a friend that wants to purchase three (2) Cancer and (1) Leo. Thanks Davis and I look forward to hearing back from you. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Kelly

Good evening, I have to say that you have the best wind chime website ever. Thank you, Jenn

Dear Mr. Blanchard, First, I want to say that you offer a terrific product. This is my second Amazing Grace Wind Chime I am buying. Again, a terrific product. Thanks Tim

So many lovely choices! Lisa

Hi, I am overwhelmed by the quality and beautiful sound of your wind chimes. I have looked at some that cost $700 and I can honestly say I love the soft sound of your product. (I looked up the competitors that you listed and listened to each chime and was not impressed enough to order a wind chime from their site.) Higher pitch tones tend to hurt my ears, so listening to chimes that have high notes would not be soothing to me. I have chosen my top three: Water, Morning Glory and Ancient Echo...because to my ears, this group of chimes have lower tones. Thank you, Debbie

Dear Davis, Just wanted to let you know that Cary and I are really enjoying our Westminster wind chime that you gave us. Thanks a lot, and hope all is well with you, and hope to see you in Brown County sometime soon... Take Care, Daniel

Hey Davis... how are you? How many years has it been? We've had our two wind chimes for 12-15 years. They have been in salt water and windy conditions most of their lives and still look good and sound good. Best, Terry

I have ordered from you before. This one is for a birthday gift. Really enjoy your work. Thanks. Martin

Hello Davis, I purchased wind chimes from you a while ago and was trying to figure out where to hang them. In the meantime, a close friend decided to move from Massachusetts to Hawaii. So I thought.....probably no better gift then your wind chimes. I wanted you to know that they are enjoying the breezes and making wonderful music in her outdoor porch. She loves them and unknown to me, she collected wind chimes but tells me that none have ever produced the quality and beauty of sound and tone and music that yours do. Long story short, thank you so much for the time and expertise you put into these wondrous wind chimes. Nancy

Thank you so much. We love the 4 we have in our garden... so do the birds and other critters!! :) Maria

Why have you lowered your prices? Your windchimes are the best!!! I am a professional musician and I LOVE the one I have. If anything you should raise your prices. My 3 year old loves the chimes I have as well. Thank you for your amazing product. You have the best product out there. After I ordered one for myself I ordered one for my family in Latvia, and sent it to them. They have it now hanging from an apple tree in their apple orchard in Sabile, Latvia. They love it. Aija

I love your wind chimes!! Thank you. Kathryn

Oh. Well holy cow. You're too awesome. Thanks. Amazing customer service. Rare to find these days. A hat tip and a recommendation to others for you. Thanks again. Nick

I bought a wind chime from you a few months ago and it's wonderful! My neighbors took theirs down because it sounded really bad next to yours. Even in high wind it never has bad music and I tell everyone about your work. Thank you for making a great instrument at a fair price. Karen

Davis, I'm so glad to see this. My husband promptly went to your new site and ordered my birthday present. Thank you for your wonderful product. I gifted a friend with one in Oct and she is in love. She mounted it inside her home off in a distant corner and has a slow fan blowing on it. She says it makes the atmosphere of her home just shine. Thanks again, Sandy

Davis, that is so sweet of you!! It sure is beautiful! You do beautiful work! The day it came, my friend was here and loved it! She said she was going to order one for her mother in law for Christmas! You make beautiful chimes and I am just too thrilled! Leslie

I got some of your wind chimes for my sister and brother in law a couple of years ago and I love going to their back yard to listen. Thanks! Vance

Davis, This is excellent. I want to buy another set of the Happily Ever After chimes for my girlfriend's house since we Love them so much. I think you build the best chimes anywhere in the US!! They're worth every penny!! Thanks, Robb

Thanks, Davis. I just ordered the Gemini chime online to mail to the Millport Conservancy (the memorial gift). Thanks for the beautiful instruments! Mary

I've had one of your wind chimes for several years, now, and wouldn't dream of ever purchasing one elsewhere. I'm hoping to add at least 2 more once I finish the Christmas shopping for everyone else. Barbara

I own one of your wind chimes and it gives me more pleasure than any other I have. I hope to eventually have several of your lovely creations. Mary

Hi Davis, I'm looking forward to getting them, they sound beautiful. I've always been a fan of wind chimes but never heard any that sound like music. Merry Christmas! Kathy

Your chimes sound beautiful. My friend in Houston lost a collection of chimes due to a house fire. I think yours will be the first of a new collection. Denise

I personally love your chimes and the price is great. Will be getting a set for the new place very soon. Blake

Sound from these chimes is awesome. Lee

Thank you for your service and craftmanship! Alyssa

Dear Mr. Blanchard, I ordered your Westminster chime and Solar flare chime. I sure think your chimes are the best I ever heard and I really did my research. Nicholas

Davis, Thank you so much for the Wind Chime! I have it hung outside my front door and I love it! The girl that sits next to me at work is going buy one from your website for her daughter. She loved it too! Thanks again! Kelly

Davis, I just wanted to thank you and Franz for the wind chime. I’m very pleased we could work with you on this project. I honestly think you have made a 200% improvement in your product. Thanks Again! James

I appreciate your dedication to your craft. Doris

Hi Davis! I just LOVE your chimes! I love them ALL (almost bought my friends the earthquake one, we were together the night before the Napa/Sonoma quake!) but since they are getting married, I went with the romance. I'm an astrologer so I love that you have a tone for each planet, and I want to get one for myself. (currently dealing with Uranus transits!) Thank you and beautiful work! PJ

My chimes arrived. I just wanted you to know they are the most beautiful I have ever heard. I will cherish these. They aren't wind chimes, they're wind music. Thank you so much for making these. Aileen

Hello - I ordered a set several years ago - they are wonderful - building another patio and need more! Patricia

Davis, I was delighted to see that you offer repairs to your windchimes. We moved to Montana from Sherman, TX 3 years ago and your chimes sound even better up here in the mountains! Keith

Hi Davis, I bought the Chimes from you for my wife. What a nice set of chimes they are. Merle

Hi Davis. Thank you for a personal and quality product. I'm looking forward to many decades of enjoyment. I hope to be your product ambassador out here in my Southern California beach community. As you know I have reordered and look forward to "hearing" more of your work. Pete

I love my windchime right where it is and it rings all the time. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft. I love it, love it, love it. Teena

We still enjoy listening to my wind chimes I got from you 4 years ago. Tom

Davis - We live in Ohio and the wind in the winter is often at night. Summers are mostly very calm in the nighttime hours. We have our chimes in a Gazebo on our patio deck that is near our bedroom. We have sent your chimes to all our family and a good friend as well! Shirley

Hi Davis, Thanks so much. We love our chimes! Lane

Thank you for your response. I am fortunate to able to hear my neighbors...I got them "Happily ever after" for wedding gift. Anxious to have my own :) Good Luck, Cheryl

Thanks for your help. These wind chimes are amazing. Can’t wait to give this unique gift. Glad I found you on the web. Renee

Last year I purchased 4 wind chimes form you & was so pleased I'd like another. Look forward to hearing from you, Angelina

We received our chimes today. They're beautiful. Thank you so much. Denise

Hey Davis, I’ve been meaning to write and thank you for the UP CD you left for me. I have listened to it for days—I really love it. Betsy

Davis, I placed this order with you today. This will be a going away gift for a co-worker and since I couldn't decide on which chime to order for her I thought the gift certificate would be best. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Westminster Chimes at my house and have shared your site with her. Thank you for your expedient processing of this order! I will be curious to find out what her choice will be. Bev

Hi Davis, Very impressed with the quality of the wind chimes you manufacture. I am going to order the Westminster Quarters and the Lunar Eclipse, as they are compatible. Billy

I wanted to email you and thank you for make such a wonderful product! My husband found your site and let me pick out a wind chime for Mother's Day! I love wind chimes but some are so noisy and irritating so I was a little skeptical! We just put it out today and it sounds incredible!!! Not too loud, just plain perfect! Again thank you for making such a great product. We will enjoy them and now buy as gifts for others as well!! Elissa

Hi, I just received my order of Westminster Quarters chime. Thank you for shipping it so fast. The sound is beautiful! Jane

Your Wind Chimes are amazing. I love mine. Have given hints for more for birthdays, Christmas...etc.. They just don't listen very well! You are so talented! Thank you! Zera

Thank you for your expedient reply. This is my second order-liked mine so much I have ordered one for my niece. Thanks again. Lynn

I received my wind chime Friday. It’s just super. There is no comparison to those overpriced garden store and nursery chimes. I’ll definitely be shopping with you this Christmas. Thanks Larry

Hi, We are enjoying the chimes. They have the most beautiful sound--so relaxing to listen to while we are in the yard. We have had a few wind chimes--nothing made this fantastic sound. Thanks you for the speedy shipment. Enjoying the Music, Joyce and Jim

A gift from my sister - your chimes are a part of our family! Diane

It is good to get something made in the US, and to be hand made will be that much more special. God Bless, Wilma

Dear Mr. Blanchard: Some time in the l980's I purchased three of your wonderful wind chimes in Albany Oregon. I was stunned to find your company through a Google search. :) I have never found any wind chimes that have even approached the quality of yours. Sincerely, Joe

Davis - thanks so very much - the windchimes did arrive. Now I need to buy some for myself. Expect another order from me soon! You are an amazing artist! Faith

I recently ordered one of your wind chimes and I just love it. After visiting your website and receiving my order, I have been thinking that if you were to ever develop an app that plays your different chimes, I bet people (like me!!) would be very excited to download it to their mobile device. There are some chime apps out there but your wind chimes just sound so beautiful and you have such a variety that it would set any app you were to come up with apart from the others. Just a thought! Have a great weekend, Tracey

Just thought you might want to know that your beautiful Wind Chime is going to Germany! I will be visiting my family there soon and intend to bring it for my Aunt and Uncle. Thanks! Tammy

Thanks, the sound is lovely! Lisa

Hello, This past weekend, I gave my sister a wind chime that I bought from you. She LOVES it, and it sounds absolutely beautiful! Thank you for making such a lovely product. Thank you again. I'm proud to give such a quality product to my sister. Lucia

I love how you recorded each chime. Very, very nice and helpful in choosing from so many chimes, Gretchen

Hi Davis, I just ordered a gift certificate to be sent to my son. I wanted him to take his time to choose as he is a musician and really has been enjoying listening to the different chimes. I continue to love my Westminster chime that I received from you in autumn...it is truly wonderful...Sincerely, Carole

Davis, For Christmas, I received one of your remarkable chimes in Key of D. Thanks so much, Pamela

Thank you for making this world more beautiful for my children! Donna

Dear Davis, We are enjoying the beautiful sounds of your wind chime! Amazing, your talent gives us a meditative experience and has created a space of positive energy. What a deeply personal way to celebrate the wind and feel more consciously alive to all the elements that surround us. Thank you, so grateful your wind chime is pivotal in bringing our home into a higher vibration. Warm wishes, Kat

Thank you for sharing your talent! Nicole

I received one of your chimes from a dear friend a few years ago when my father died. I have since sent them to other people. I just heard that my cousin died and want to send his wife the Lingering Lullaby chimes. Thank you for making the chimes — I think of my dad every time I hear the chimes. Nancy

Our wind chime sounds very good. Thanks for a good product. Gerald

Hi, I love your wind chimes and have ordered your wind chimes and given as gifts. Julie

Your chimes are remarkable...my favorite gift to give! Mark

Hi There! I purchased a wind chime for my parents last year and it was their favorite gift I've ever given them. THANK YOU! Emily

Davis, The Westminster Quarters & The Custom Chimes you did to complement them have arrived and I just can't find the words to praise them highly enough. Magnificent Sound. So pleasing to the ear. So soothing to the heart. They will hang in my Eskie Angels Rose Garden to forever remind me of my american eskimo dogs who are no longer with me. Thank you. Tracy

Just ordered one. I love that I can listen to samples!!!! Thanks so much for your speedy reply. Happy Thanksgiving. : ) Jennifer

Wow, thanks, so much! I must say that I particularly loved that I could listen to them before deciding! Can't wait to see/hear them... Margaret

Davis---Just want to let you know how much joy your creations have brought me over the years since I moved to this 4 acre wooded lot in very rural upstate New York! They are spread all over and different music greets me in different areas as I work and walk about. Have mixed a few together. By the way, Cancer seems to blend with Close Encounters with just the right touch of dissonance! Happy Holidays from John

thank you…love your chimes… Rene

I loved your website in that you actually could listen to the different chimes!!! I love to give chimes as gifts, especially housewarming. Angela

Thrilled I found you. Such choices I've had to make..... Vanya

Merci, Davis. I have your lullaby chimes, a gift from my sister and so I gifted same sound to my husband's son. I appreciate your talent. the wife, Joan

Mr. Blanchard, I can't believe that I never knew of you during the 30+ years we lived in SW Austin. It seems we had to move to Ft. Worth in order to discover you and your beautiful windchimes. I will be telling both my Austin and my Ft. Worth friends about you from this moment forward. P.S. I'm going back on the site to order another Christmas gift. Sincerely, Lennie

Thank you so much. Your chimes are beautiful. Cheryl

Dear Mr. Blanchard, We ordered and have received Capricorn and we love it! and look forward to many years of music! Len

So glad I came upon your chimes on the internet..they are such a wonderful addition to my day...thought I had heard the best until I found yours...looking forward to having more, thank you for such a beautiful and well made product.. If you do make a cd, please let me know as I would enjoy playing it all day! Sincerely, Carole

So excited, a big fan of Schumann Resonance, I ordered your Earthquake Wind Chime. Look forward! Love (and beautiful sound!) Kat

Hi, I received my wind chime shipment this week. I absolutely love them. Thank you, Kelly

Davis, I received my repaired wind chimes in the mail a few days ago and told myself I need to write you and THANK YOU for repairing them to "Like New". I hung them up immediately and was going to write you before I forgot, and I did forget until today when the wind started blowing and the sound of your beautiful wind chimes began to make music once again. You make a magnificent Chime and I couldn't be happier with your customer service. Thanks John

have been looking for the perfect wind chime for over a decade. I think I've found it! Carrie

Hi Davis-I just ordered this for a birthday gift for my daughter. I love my windchime and am ordering for all my relatives for their birthdays. Thank you. Carla

Love my chimes, John

have ordered a few of these fabulous chimes before - send a coupon code! u do great work! Kathleen

I am crazy happy in love with the chimes and have gifted them to some very dear friends. Mine were a gift from a close friend and every time I hear them I think of that wonderful person in my life. They resonate within a deep place in my soul… Thank you for what you do! Regards, Beth

Thank you for sharing such amazing talent! This is my 5th chime purchase! Marge

These chimes are amazing. Thanks Becky

Hi Davis, My wife and I just arrived at our home in Afghanistan, and found out that your windchime that was "lost" in the mail, was actually misplaced on this end, but did make it. We have it hanging (see attached photo) in our backyard, and really love this bit of beauty in a not very beautiful place. Please let us know how we can repay you the money you refunded to us. Thanks, Ethan

Dear Davis, I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you for the beautiful work you create. I just moved into a new home; a unique house that rises up 3 stories into the tree tops, a house that is Octagon in shape, and that has a big wrap around deck. The first thing I bought for my new home was two of the wind chimes you make... the Ancient Echo and the Lunar Eclipse. One hangs on the back deck over looking the tree tops, the other hangs at my door steps to the entrance of the house. It brings a smile to my face and peace to my heart each time I hear them gently singing in the wind that blows through the treetops of my home. Thank you so much! Clarice

Hi Davis, I purchased a set of chimes from you several years ago, and just moments ago, sitting on my patio enjoying a moderate breeze which activated the chimes, I was moved to contact you just to let you know how much I have enjoyed their melodious interaction with the breezes over the years. My neighbors too are grateful. Some of the hanging strands are becoming a bit weather worn, but still useable at this stage. If they become raggedy looking or break I will contact you for instructions to follow to have them repaired. With much appreciation, Lee

Hello Mr. Blanchard; On June 06, I ordered a wind chime from you. To be sure, it is the most beautiful sounding wind chime I have heard, and I have received many compliments. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the one I ordered, and it is not on my receipt. I would like to purchase a second wind chime. Can you please check your records to find the first wind chime I ordered. And then----can you please suggest one or two other wind chimes that would compliment, and sound really good with my first wind chime. The two wind chimes would not be hanging right next to each other, but they would be about 4 yards diagonally across from each other. Sorry to be a pain, but I really want to get it right. Thank you, and waiting to hear. Karen

Hello, I found your website and LOVE your wind chimes! Their melodies are so exquisitely beautiful compared to anything else I have found out there. Amy

Thank you again, I'm so excited to receive the chimes, I have never heard any more beautiful than yours! Kristen

Hey Davis, finally got around to ordering wind chimes! Really enjoyed listening to all of them (and had quite a time choosing!) Aimee

THANKS SOooooo MUCH, DAVIS, The birthday gifted windchimes for my grandson are wonderful. He loves them, as well do his parents. Sharon

Our chimes sound magical off our back porch. Barbara

I received my wind chime yesterday and set it up and like it very much. Henry

Dear Davis, A little over a year ago my brother and sister-in-law bought me and my husband three wonderful sets of three harmonizing wind chimes, as a wedding gift. The chimes have held up beautifully through all sorts of weather, this past year. Barbara

Thank you, Davis. I am so happy with the chimes I purchased from you. They are a work of art and sound amazing. You really know your craft. Thank you for sharing such a well thought out work of art with me. I shared the other chimes with my family elders. One day I may get them back. When I do, I will have the entire set back together again. Everyone loves theirs too. I wish you a happy and safe fourth! Sincerely, Wes

Davis: Got the chimes so quickly! They sound so great! thanks! Eric

Hi Davis. Yours will be a welcome addition to her vast collection. I will be giving your chimes as gifts in the future to as many friends/family I know. Thank you! Your work is greatly appreciated & I cannot wait to receive the 1st one. Jenn

Hello Davis, We stumbled upon your wind chime website and have spent the better part of an hour listening to the audio samples. We are impressed and will be back hopefully to purchase soon! The audio samples are lovely. We really appreciate your apparent vast and rather scientific knowledge of the ingredients behind music and the tones within the music. Thank you for the blessing of these sounds! Janet & Stan

We now own 3 of these wonderful chimes! Our friend, Davis has been making them by hand for over 30 years. Our first chimes lasted over 25 years before being lost in a move. I am listening to the beautiful tones while I write this. We have given Davis Blanchard chimes as gifts on numerous occasions and have always gotten the most positive feedback! If you need to give a wedding, birthday, housewarming, anniversary, Christmas or gift for any occasion, you cannot go wrong with these wind chimes. They are a gift that keeps giving, literally, for many many years. Check out this site! Don

Found your website after searching GraceNotes and Music of the Spheres -- the latter I thought especially lovely. But your work is beyond comparison: like hearing clear auditory glory from beyond this life (and I'm not usually given to hyperbole). My struggle now is to choose. I've narrowed my choices to 5: Lunar eclipse, Earthquake, Spring splendor, Winter wonder, and Lingering lullabye -- not exactly "narrowing." Each time I eliminate one, when I return to it I feel like I can't bear to give it up, after all. Not a usual problem for decisive ol' me. I have no idea how I'll solve this one, other than by buying a house with enough land to give each one sounding room. Mainly I wanted just to say, thank you, for doing something amazing with your life, your talent, your vision. I'll probably buy them all, as I can afford to. I just want to live in hearing of their peaceful ecstacies. My order is coming soon. Michal

I've had a Davis Blanchard windchime now for over ten years. It hangs in the same place Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I have never grown tired of hearing it's musical expression. I would say that it's comforting. The Westminster chime looks tempting. I bet that it sounds great. Craig

Love your chimes, live on a farm up on a hill in Missouri, your chimes have outlasted ALL others!! and have withstood many a windstorm!! Come spring I plan to order the Earthquake chimes to put in another area of the yard, Your craftmanship is OUTSTANDING,and your products are well worth the cost!!! The chimes have been outside my window non stop, in all seasons of the year. Sharon

Thank you so very much. I absolutely love the chimes I have ordered in the past from you. Janet

I just received my Uranus Wind Chimes and they are absolutely beautiful! From the first breeze that brought them to life, it was obvious that the craftsmanship was superb and that lots of love went into the making of these chimes. Purchasing the wind chimes from Davis guarantees the recipient a beautiful gift (even for yourself!). No other chimes can come close to these works of art! Jorie

Dear Mr. Blanchard, I have the pleasure of owning 4 of your matched tuned wind chimes for several years and I love the comforting tones that float through the air day and night. I am landscaping our personal pet cemetery this summer and part of my design will include your wind chimes. I’m looking for blended, soothing tones. I thought that you might be able to coordinate 3 sets that might bring comfort and peace to those of us who will visit our four legged friends who have crossed the bridge. Thank you for providing a well made product. Regards, Janet

Hello! I have two homes that each have a set of your Westminster chimes. I LOVE THEM! I am going to order another set for a friend of mine that has heard my chimes and also loves them. I went to your web site and listened to the many available and I also fell in love with the Jupiter chime. Thank you for your beautiful chimes.....they bring me back to the present moment each and every day! Thanks for making the world more beautiful! Good to know that they don't wear out easily! Sincerely, Kim

Hi Davis, Sun is too busy building things to work on the xyliphone for now so I have opted for wind chimes. I know Colby will love them. He really likes to make sounds with everything. I am still enjoying mine (summer chimes) from forever ago. Sharon

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful wind chimes that you made and sent to my friend Suzanne Roscher a few weeks ago. She really loves them. Thanks! :-) Lisa

Love your chimes. Bought them many years ago at a side road store Whimsies by Irene SD Theresa Preheim. They last forever. Thank you, Sandy

Dear Davis, I received my Lunar eclipse Wind chime last Thursday. Thank you, it looks and sounds so beautiful. I hung it at my front entry, and I listened to it’s sweet music all day while I worked on planting and remulching the flowerbed. When I had to go inside I opened the window so I could hear it as I prepared dinner. Thanks again for the care and craftsmanship that goes into these Chimes, I will be back to purchase another, what a great gift for someone special. Connie in Boise

Yipee.....I got my chimes and today was the first decent day so they are hung in an oak tree branch outside my sun porch.....already Chick-a-dee's are exploring.....so happy I found you and your website......Thank you, thank you.....happy spring! M R

OK, I got a new credit card today. This is as good of a reason to break in the card. So, I ordered the custom one you've been recommending. Thanks for your great communication on this. It was really educational and helpful. I really love my current one and I'm sure the new one will increase the chorus. Thanks, Clyde

I have forwarded this message to about 12 people...so hope you get more orders....my brother in Florida who I ordered this for originally is delighted with it......now I'll have to get one for me....... M R

Just hung my wind chimes... I love them... Waiting for the wind to blow... (a day later) In order to get enough wind, I had to hang my wind chime where it will be exposed to a little rain. Is this ok? (Yes) It sounds beautiful where I have it hanging now. Thanks, Mary Ann

Folks...I have a few of your wind chimes...they are the best! William

Hi Davis, Thanks for your quick turnaround on my order. I didn't even get a chance to give my friend's husband a head's up that they were coming and he was wondering who sent the chimes. On a personal note, I was really happy to find a way to support a business in Austin. I'm a 1980 UT grad. Austin was a fun place to be. I'm sure it still is. Bo

Davis, Thanks for sharing your craftsmanship w/us all! Ethan

Good Evening! Your beautiful wind chimes arrived, and I am eager to give them to several family members! Thank you for your quick processing, and their beautiful sound! These are the 3rd, 4th & 5th ones I've ordered! Joan

I received my order today and they look and sound beautiful. Maureen

Just got my order and am listening to, The 4 Fourth One, now as I am on the computer... ahhhhhhh thankyou for producing these cd's. I am always buying new wind chimes searching for the right sounds... I just wish the best ones were not so out of reach price wise for me. You have brought me the joy of listening to chimes whenever I want....thank you for sending them out so quickly also. I will tell my friends about your cd's. Darla

Hello Davis, Sending a belated thank you for your beautiful work on our custom chimes. Really high-quality craftsmanship! My husband is thrilled with his gift, and the pitches we selected (celesta notes and voice from Das Lied finale) sound great together! All Best, Terry

We love the chimes! They sound so nice! Thanks for your craftsmanship! Marca

Thank you Davis. The chimes were absolutely lovely. Thank you. Matt

I wish I had a place to hang one of your wind chimes. But until I do, I will share these beauties as gifts. Thank you! Sandra

dear davis, i love my chimes and have since i found them/you! thanks a lot. cristine

I am so glad i found you, this Christmas gift is gonna blow my husband's mind! Cathy

Hello! I ordered a wind chime two years ago for my father and everyone loves it- thank you! My husband asked for one for our house. Thank you! Maria

Hello Davis, I manage American Crafts By Robbie Dein, in Ithaca New York. It is a 40 plus year old business featuring handmade in America pottery, art glass, jewelry, metal and wood. We have carried wind chimes, in the past, from the Catskill Mt etc. But I have never heard chimes like yours!!! I ordered a set as a birthday gift for my mother, Jupiter, and they are just amazing. I am sure you hear this all the time but I had to tell you how impressed I am. I love your production ethic as well. We have a website as well; www.myamericancrafts.com. Check us out. I will be ordering more from you. And if you ever decide to do wholesale, please let us be first in line!! Thank you, Jo Ann

Mr. Blanchard, I just received your most wonderful wind chime today. Upon opening the box and picking up the wind chime I realized that the sound was as beautiful as I had hoped. This is a Christmas present for my mother, she is 76 and somewhat hard of hearing. She mentioned one day that she wished she had a big wind chime, she has several little tinkly sounding chimes, but says she can't hear them from inside the house. I laugh when I say that this is not a bad thing! I have looked and looked but haven't found wind chimes worth buying, that I could afford. When I found your website, I was impressed with your presentation and the sounds were amazing. The most reasonable price made buying a present for my Mom possible, so I thank you so very much for having such a talent and sharing this talent with people who normally can't afford beautiful sounding wind chimes. Now I just have to save up to buy myself a set of your wonderful chimes. Again thank you, Lisa

Thanks for making me some decent wind chimes, Robert

Davis, My wife, Cathy, couldn't stand to wait for Christmas morning to give me her gift of your chimes made to play the last note in the Beatles "A Day In the Life." I'm so moved, emotionally, by the beauty of her love in the concept of the chimes, coupled with your craftsmanship and execution. Truly awe inspiring. Similarly, there are two dear friends who share the love and appreciation of the Beatles the way I do. One has the most downloaded iTunes store educational podcast on the Beatles (a fellow professor) and the other is a photographer extraordinaire who discovered the Beatles later in life. As Cathy gave to me, I would like to gift to them chimes that play (probably) THE most discussed chord in rock history; the opening chord of "A Hard Days Night." Literally hundreds of pages have been published arguing the "correct" chord, but the subject remains ripe for disagreement. If I understand a commonly accepted standard, the chord would be Faad9 with the addition of a D. If I try to follow the YouTube link discussion http://www.beatlesbible.com/features/hard- days-night-chord/ I think I get G-D-G-D-F-G-A-B-D. Believe me, this discussion is hotly debated and I'd certainly share other approaches if you're interested. Clearly, you're an artist of unique and extraordinary talents. But if you were to tune chimes for this unique chord, how would you approach it? Thank you for your interest, and THANK YOU for the beautiful gift of your talents. Best, todd

Hello Mr. Blanchard, Recently, our adult daughter gave me one of your wind chimes as a birthday gift. It is marked "Westminster Quarters" and is signed by Davis Blanchard. I would just like you to know that I consider it an exquisite addition to our home. It hangs in a breeze-way near our front door and the gentle Oregon winds give it a voice like church bells. So please tell whoever may have had a hand in its manufacture, that they have brought beautiful music to our lives. And thank you, Davis, for your enterprise and sharing your art with us. Well done! Merry Christmas. Loren

Thank you so much for the wind chimes. They are a true work of art! I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life and I know my family will enjoy them! Laura

Hello Mr. Blanchard, The 3 sets of chimes were for my wife, mother, and grandmother. They all really like them. My brother lives in Austin, and I told him about you. Thank you, Scott

This is the most beautiful wind chime (The Blues Chime) i have ever heard! It is outstanding in durability and is very pleasing to the eye as well! Kimberley

This (Lingering Lullaby) is so melodic and incredibly soothing. I purchased one for me niece who just had a baby! Kimberley

I bought two of the autumn chimes many years ago and took them with me to Germany, gave one set to my parents and kept one for my own garden. Those chimes were admired by all of our friends. Mine was stolen about ten years ago and finally I found this web-site. Yes, I will order another one to once again being able to listen to the beautiful perfect and mesmerizing sounds. Cornelia

I have received my Lullaby Wind Chime which is the second Chime purchased from you and is beautiful---The first was the Westminister Chime and seen where the two would blend together---WOW it is beautiful! Have had a few windy days here recently and is o.k. with me as my chimes ring away. From the ordering to receiving to the enjoyment has been perfect and well satisified with my purchases---Now-- my sister will be receiving one for Christmas and she will Love it!!..Will order the Westmisister Chime for her and guess better order it so it gets here before the Christmas rush. Dianne

I just got my Pipe Songs wind chimes in & I am so excited....can't wait to hang them up on my porch. I know I'll be sitting out there listening to these WONDERFULL chimes all the time! I can't stop smiling!! :) They resonate through my soul & make me feel happy & calm. Marti

Thank you Davis for the quick shipment of our beautifully tuned Lullaby Chime. We absolutely love them and with the addition of the Westminster Quarters Wind Chime they are a great asset to our new front porch. Robert

Dear Mr Blanchard, Have had one of your GREAT chimes for little over 8 years. I have had it up thru all seasons of the year, and live on a hilltop farm in Missouri and it has endured some strong winds over that period of time! Most Sincerely, Sharon

almost bought Grace chime for less $, then read your site- really like what you are doing and the sound is beyond words! Thx for the joy it will bring to a lovely couple in their 60's, just married! Mary

Hello Davis, I ordered the Westminster a few weeks ago & everyone in the family has loved it! I thought why not share it with someone who could use a little boost so I relocated it & placed it in my 92 year old grandfather's backyard by a window near where he sits inside. Hiswife of 60+ years just passed a few months ago & he's taking it pretty hard. He said this wind chime & a new hummer feeder have boosted his spirits tremendously. Needless to say, I'm not taking the chime back anytime soon. I'd like to order another. I'd like to get the Summer Simmer for now & possibly order the spring splendor later on as I'm able. I've spent a good hour downloading several of your chimes & playing them together. This is my favorite combo for relaxing positive vibrations - summer & spring chimes together. Regards, Aaron

Mr Blanchard, Today I ordered the Amazing Grace Wind Chime. I am so excited for my customer to receive this wind chime. Her mother passed away, and I figured that I would send a wind chime to send our sympathies to her. Well, once I found your website, read your story, I was sold!! Thank you for your product, and wonderful story. I feel great knowing she will have years of enjoyment from your wind chimes!! (Later) Hi. I just want to thank you so much for the wind chimes. My customer called me and was so thankful for the thoughtful gift. They are beautiful. Thanks for your part in helping her through her tough time. Tim

Davis: It arrived. It's beautiful! Thanks! George

Hi Davis, I wanted to thank you for your quick shipment of the order, and for the product itself! Even though the chimes are a gift, I couldn't stand it and opened the box to hear them yesterday. They sound lovely! I have a cheap set of chimes that is of a similar size length-wise, but doesn't begin to compare to these ones. I love they way the tone resonates for a while. Very nice. I also like the hand-written inscription and the large wind-catcher! I know Mom is going to love these! Thanks again, Laurel

I have purchased from you before and we have been very happy with your product. Thank you so much. Kata

I got one of your chimes and it hangs on my 2nd story patio overlooking the Mekong in Cambodia. We love it and want another one John

This is a gift for a very special person. I'm certain she will love it. Maureen

Hello Davis, I love the sounds of the Westminster and am very much looking forward to hanging it in my backyard. The tones touch my heart and inspire my inner peace and "being". My husband built a fountain in the backyard, and my old statue of Quan Yin (which has moved many times with me over the past 20 years) is standing over it. Your windchimes will be the perfect finishing touch. I haven't bought it yet (I'm saving up!) but I visit your website every once in awhile to listen. I've listened to many windchimes over the years and you are truly a master. In fact, before I hang them up, I will take them into my Yoga Classes for one week so my students can enjoy the intonations. In the future, after I get my own, I will buy a second for the Yoga Studio. This is my story. Thought you might be amused by the little things that happen with regard to you that you aren't even aware of. P.S. Love your e-mail address humor!!! Marcella

Thanks for making a beautiful sounding wind chime! Aaron

It has been awhile since I bought my wind chime. I am still loving it, every single day. Thank you. Teena

Davis, I received my Chimes the other day. They will be a welcome sound to our home on this beautiful island. My sincere thanks, Patience

Hi Davis, Your chimes sound beautiful and they are gorgeous craftsmanship! Bless you for your amazing contributions. In Harmony Shira

Mr. Blanchard, I am intrigued by the idea of custom-made wind chimes. Can you make chimes based on a major 7 chord? What is the longest tube you can use? I think what you're doing is awesome. Thank you Steven

Something magical about hearing your chimes in the breeze. Thank you for this special gift, Linda

Davis, Just to let you know I received my chimes today and am so happy that they arrived in just a short time. A little follow-up from the previous message that I sent to you. This is not the 4th set of chimes, but the 7th set that I have ordered. I had to stop and think of how many people that I have given them to as gifts. Again, can’t thank you enough for all the joy and enjoyment that they have given to so many. Keep up the good work and Made in America is the way to go! Sincerely Jane

Oh my! I received my wind chime today. I am astounded! It is beautiful. I hung it outside & it looks & sounds beautiful! You are a true artist. Thank you again! Louise

Hi Davis, Got the chimes on Friday. L O V E   T H E M!  Thank you again. I may order at least one more. I will be the toast of the neighborhood with their melodious sounds. Roxana

Hello Mr. Blanchard, My girl friend's sister in law bought a Westminster Quarters chime for her gravesite. We truly enjoy your chime. Betty always loved chimes in her backyard and we know she enjoys it now. Thanks for your help. Grant

Davis, I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. We have 4 chimes and have given several as gifts thru the years. They are the best sounding and most responsive chimes I have ever heard. Also I think they are almost indestructible, We have had ours for maybe 8 years with no problems at all. Jim

Hello Mr. Blanchard, We purchased a “Summer Simmer” from you when we were living in Austin, and love love love it. I am trying to choose one as a gift for a good friend of mine who has hearing loss (age related) in the lower tones of her hearing. The Lullaby ones sound good, but have you had anybody specifically say that certain chimes are better for the hearing impaired? That’s all! It’s a balmy 40 degrees here in New Hampshire. Your chime has lived in four states now! Thanks very much, Kat

Well done! The wife loved them. Aaron

I spent most of yesterday looking at different chime sites and there was just no comparison to the sound quality yours had. I would love to be able to see/hear it, but I really just want to send it directly to them since I am in Louisiana and won't be there for Mother's day. Right now I'm leaning toward the Lunar Eclipse, but still considering the Westminster Quarters. They all sound so beautiful it's hard to choose. Shanna

Thanks Davis; looking forward to enjoying your work. Certainly sounds like a superior product. Jerad

Thanks Davis. Your chimes are amazing. I hope it sounds as great as the mp3 does! Clark

Thank you for your wonderful work. The pride and care you seem to put into your art is inspiring. I look forward to ordering one of these for myself soon. Thanks, Karen

Hello, Just wanted to say I finally returned to Houston to pick up my wind chimes. Now back in Arkansas and the Chimes are hung and blowing in the breeze today. Very pleased, love the sound and will order another set in the near future. Nice work, Thanks again Mike

Thanks again, I hope this arrives for Mothers Day! This is my 2nd order. Just loved my chimes! Ginger

My son just bought a house in Austin. I wanted to get him something special for his birthday. I told him about your website and he picked the Solar Flare Chime. JoAnna

Davis, Thank you so much for your amazing wind chimes. I am so pleased with their soothing, musical sound. I teach high school, and in 2 weeks I'll be able to start my summer days by sitting on my porch with my coffee to enjoy your beautiful art! Blessings, Julie

This is a special gift. Thank you for making such beautiful wind chimes. I wish I could buy more but I'm still a student. Suny

We received our wind chime in such a timely fashion and are very happy with our choice. Carolyn

Thanks, my boyfriend loves his wind chime! He thinks I drove to Austin to get it! ha. My son just moved to Austin, when he get's established I'll have to send him over your way to pick one out! Luanne

Hello, I have received my windchimes and am pleased. Thank you. Deborah

Loved the one I gave my mom for Christmas, I had to get one for myself! William

Hi Davis, We gave one of your chimes as a wedding gift last month- fabulous! So my Mom (91) has just given each of her 3 surviving kids a windchime for our birthdays this year- to be for us a sweet, sweet lasting memory of the very sweet, kind soul that she is. I am a self employed massage therapist (20+ yrs) and your CDs caught my eye. Didn't have time to listen when I ordered the wedding gift on 4/30, but just listened now and two of them would be great for massage. I have other therapist friends who may be interested (or I may want to gift them). I love what you are doing! Thanks. Mary

Just wanted to let you know that my chimes were delivered today. The sound is amazing! I can't wait to get them hung. Since these chimes are a gift to myself as a memorial to my husband who died just 5 months ago, I would like something deserving of these beautiful chimes to hang them on like a column or a special hook. Do you have any suggestions? I also greatly appreciate your adding a few more words to the inscription, that made the chimes so much more personal. I had such a hard time trying to decide which set to choose, but the sound of the Lingering Lullaby is so soft and gentle that I know I will be comforted each time I hear them. I know this will not be my last set and I plan to send these instead of flowers at funerals, Wedding, Birthday gifts. They are just perfect for all those occasions when it is difficult to choose the perfect gift. As far as the engraving goes, I like the way you do it. It makes it look more personal. Thanks, Beverly

Thank you! It's wonderful. He loved it! Jeanene

Hi Davis, Wow! I feel so honored!! I found you via 'just intonation wind chimes' -- when I saw, "specify here what tones you desire, the notes, tuning system, pitch reference, etc." -- I nearly lost my mind! I'm so grateful for your service. Again I'm over the moon to find someone performing such an amazing service. Thank you so much much for the help, I really appreciate your time, cheers, Timothy

Hi, Loving your chimes. I have searched for years for chimes and still have none out of pure frustration for what I've found on the market. I am completely enchanted!! Mindy

Davis, I went on the internet to search for "best quality chime" because I need to replace a very special chime that I gave to a very special woman in my life. I am blown away at the beauty of the sound I am hearing. I love art (live near Laguna Beach, Ca.) This is truly beautiful art. I will order shortly from you. My problem: I can't decide what I want! So far narrowed it down to Lunar Eclipse and Winter wonder... until I heard Celestial Harmonies! Damn, you are not making this easy for me. K. V.

I need this for my mothers birthday. I purchased this windchime a year ago and love it, and so did she when she came to visit me!! Keep up the great work. Jamie

Hi, I bought many wind chimes from you to sell at my farmers market as well as in my ebay record store, I have loved them all, I have a set that are my personal chimes. They are the Blues. Kimberley

Hey Davis, Thought I would send a note saying thanks for your speedy delivery and for making a wonderful product and selling it at a reasonable price. I bought one set, at Christmas time, for my girlfriend and referred my dad and he bought her another set. Now we have a wonderful combination with one set in the front and one in the back and we can hear both at times from the bedroom. Hope your business is going well and thanks for getting it done and doing it right! Regards, Marty

Dear Davis, The wind chimes arrived today and they sound beautiful! Sincerely, Rebecca

Love the website and the ability to hear the different chimes. Best regards, Kathleen

My husband bought me a set of your windchimes for Christmas and I wanted to write to you and tell you how much I adore them. I have always wanted a set of pitched chimes. I've always been involved in music and "regular" windchimes just never did it for me. I have your set of chimes hanging on the front porch of my 130 year old farm house and every time I open the door I get to hear them. I've received numerous compliments on their sound. Thank you for producing such a quality product. I'm sure we will be returning customers of yours. Deanna

A year ago I was given one of your wonderful chimes. Patience

Thank You So Much… I am so EXCITED for my family and friends to receive their chimes!! I love mine so much.. It gives me so much peace in my heart and soul…. Thank You!!! Hugs, Michelle

Your wind chimes create some of the best sounds that I've ever heard in my life! Roger

As you've probably guessed, my husband died and I've sent all these sets to our closest friends, who helped attend him through his long illness. This one is for one of our children who's had trouble accepting his death. His friends who received the chimes love them. One thought it was the best present he ever received. Another said every time he walks by, if they're not ringing, he gives them a whack and thinks first of Jim then me. One friend's son (age 35) was visiting and watching TV in the bedroom, then told his mom he turned off the TV just to hear the chimes. I have to say they do make a beautiful sound. Gail

Thank you, You do beautiful work. I ordered four set of chimes for my family and friends several years ago and they are still enjoying the lovely notes. Look like new even though they are outside in this Louisiana weather. Josephine

We have 2 of your wind chimes and just LOVE them...Thank you! Leslie

Thank you again for your wonderful "GIFTS" you have shared with the world! Pam

Thank you VERY much. I received the shipment yesterday. I will definitely keep your USA made company in mind for any future purchases. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. Mark

Thanks so much for this wind chime! We have heard great things about your work and are excited to give this gift. Katie

I bought one (Westminster Quarters) last year for my brother and I know my friends will also love this!! Pamela

Thank you for your good work and superior products. Wes

Received them late last week and they sound wonderful. Thanks so much. Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on my back steps and became aware of a faint tinkling. Realized it was the windchimes moving with the slight breeze. I have missed that sound. And, I've been singing your praises to my friends. Adrian

The wind chimes arrived and are perfect. Purchased these for my boss’s wife. Really like the enhancements you’ve made, particularly the swivel at the bottom to allow the pendulum part to be removed. Thank you and keep up the great work. Janice

I know you thought you were rid of me, but the chimes were too beautiful so now I need to order 6 more...Thanks, you're great. You've already spoiled the friends I gave the original chimes to because no sound compares with the sound of your chimes. After this, I'll have to save to get a set for me...I just finished ordering the last of 6 new orders. Thank you for your patience. Now, I'm going to have to save my money so I can get a set of chimes. Have to say the ones my friends received make awfully nice music!! Gail

Davis, we gave two of your chimes as wedding gifts this year. One to a young couple just starting out in the SF Bay Area. And the other to an old friend in France who’s re-marrying and building a new home. Both love your chimes and have special places for them. Thanks. Keith

We love our Blues Chimes! I've ordered for my Dad and now we are ordering again for more family! You have combined your love for music with an incredible talent! Bless you! Shirley

Love Westminster, buying another! Should be great for Christmas gifts! Shawn

Your wind chimes sound beautiful. Steve

UPS delivered my chimes today. THANK YOU. They are lovely and I am tickled to have them so very fast, too!! Marsha

I have enjoyed the chimes so much. I have purchased other chimes for family, as my grandmother was a Blanchard from GA. We are probably not related, but the Blanchard Chimes sure made my Mom happy. Thank you, Marsha

Just wanted to tell you that we received the wind chime and love it. It is hanging out in the courtyard here at AA SOC/Flight Academy. I'll send you a picture if possible. We hung it up near a memorial that honors the 9/11 crews on AA Flight 77 and Flight 11. AA CEO Mr. Gerald Arpey cut the ribbon that we tied around the chimes to keep it quiet during the ceremony on Sunday. He was very pleased with it, said it was really nice. We received more thanks and compliments for this gift from our department. And everyone asked me where we had ordered it from; I told them your website. Hope you get some more orders! Thanks again and I'll see if I can get you a picture. Angie

A friend sent me the Autumn this past spring and every time I'm outside I enjoy them so much. This order is for Christmas for other friends....what a great gift and thanks for sharing yours! Beth

Mr. Blanchard, My mother has outfitted us all with the same model of wind chime of your making so that we can all enjoy the same melodies and chimes. We're all very satisfied and enjoy your works of art immensely. Best Regards and thank you again for a great product, Thomas

Davis, you have created a fabulous web site, very interesting! Your information page on technicalities of music was very interesting although it was over my head, looking forward to receiving wind chimes. The very best to you. Richard

I received the Winter Wonder chime as a birthday gift from my brother. It is the most beloved thing in my yard. I've had 5 months of chemotherapy, and it's always been a comfort to sit on the patio and hear the beautiful tones. The one I have ordered is for the "angel" who rearranged her work schedule to take me to the chemo sessions. She is a "tender mercie" and I know that she will love her chime as I do mine. I applaud you on your creations, and hope than everyone can enjoy them as I have. Judy

Dear Davis: I placed my order for one of your wonderful wind chimes last night. In regards to your wonderful, purely musical chimes, I really appreciate what you have produced and can't wait for that additional music to become part of my background here in my little piece of paradise. I spent almost 5 hours listening to various 'chimes' via internet last night and I can sincerely attest that the notes and harmony of your chimes are unmatched and so pleasantly melodious. I almost wish that my formal musical background were more comprehensive because I do appreciate your explanations of the composition of your work. With appreciation and warm ALOHA spirit to you, Mahalo, Michael

Fantastic! Thank you so much for a wonderful work of art and great service! Cathy

Your chimes sound awesome and this is a gift to a special couple who hosted our 40th year class reunion. Thank you for your assistance! Daniel

Thanks Davis! I have this pair (Autumn Chime and Autumn Aura) at my home and love them; these will be great for my family's memorial. Thank you for your beautiful work. Best, Susan

Thanks so much. I am so happy I found your website and look forward to ordering more chimes in the near future. They are simply beautiful. Delighted in California, Kindra

Hello Davis, I received my new Summer Simmer windchime and I just love it. I will post something on the website. Thanks for your time and for your beautiful work. I had another brand on my "wish list" for several months and then I found you and I love my windchime! Have a great day! ~Ginny~

Thanks…. Love your e-mail address! Very clever; and I have to say, I saved your site as a favorite….. it is wonderful to listen to the chimes at the end of a day and I will own one soon. This one is for a gift for a dear friend who lost her mother last week. I asked for a “sign” to let me know she was still “with us” the morning after her funeral service, and while walking my dogs on a still morning, after having already decided that I was going to give wind chimes instead of flowers so the family would be reminded of her daily…. There was a strong ringing, as I rounded the corner and a neighbor had a Soleri bell that I had never before noticed. It continued to ring the entire ½ block remainder of my walk home. Thanks for the beauty and inspiration! Jackie

Your wind chimes are lovely! It's a wedding gift--can't wait to receive it. I have a large family and would like to make it a tradition. Thank you, Linda

Davis, These are the 5th set I have purchased and to those who received them as gifts, they love them. Sincerely, Jane

Thanks. I appreciate your diligence. So professional, Rhonda

Davis, I love the sound of your wind chimes. David

Hi, Davis- I just received your email about a possible defect in recent chime orders. (Excessive strong winds could prematurely cause wear on the cord attachment to the windcatcher- this has been remedied with a swivel snap. April 2011) I'm sorry you had to address such a trivial concern...it seems obvious to me that most people should be aware that your chimes are not Dollar Store quality and should be protected from "extreme wind" and other types of inclement weather. I bought one of your chimes for my daughter when she moved fom home last year. It was and is one of her favorite items. The precision is wonderful, and as a musician she was thrilled. She is only in her twenties :), yet she knows to bring in your wind chime if tornadoes or other harsh weather conditions are forecast. I am saving for one for myself, and hope to buy one sometime soon. In the meantime, thank you for a quality, beautiful product and for being such a responsible seller. Best, Robin

Thank you, Davis. I do have one question for you. By any chance were you making wind chimes in Kennebunkport, Maine back in the early 1980’s? I ask you that because I bought wind chimes back then from this shop called The Purple Plum. (Yes, I used to sell to them back then.) They were “tuned to the note of C” and yours sound exactly like they did or very similar anyway. When I saw and heard your chimes on your website I practically jumped up and down because they sounded just like mine. I could almost feel the gentle breeze that causes them to move. Thanks for your help. ~ Barbara

Thank you, Davis. We are so enjoying the new chimes! Ann

Thanks Davis. You are a good guy. We’ll certainly be buying a couple more chimes as wedding gifts in the near future. Keith

I thank you for your notification in regard to this minor discrepancy in design, but I take my chimes down in excessive wind conditions. I don’t think any windchime would be able to withstand the excessive wind conditions we are subjected to in Wyoming. Thank you for your kind suggestion. Lisa

OH hell, we’ve had winds that we could swear were tornado winds and that wind chime held up LIKE A CHAMP. I love it, I’m proud of it, I show it to everyone. But thanks for the advice, just in case. Teena

Mr Blanchard: I recently purchased your Celestial Harmonies windchime set and was truely amazed when I heard it for the first time. I've owned many wind chimes from Walmart or Home Depot and was pleased with the soothing sounds, but I had no idea how a real quality wind chime such as yours differed. The sound from your chime is so perfect and crystal clear that its truely remarkable. I could never imagine how perfect a wind chime could sound. I am very pleased with your product and will recommend your company to all my friends. Thank you, M.

Good morning, I ordered a set of wind chimes from you back in October or November of last year. I’d like to see if you have another set that would accompany them. I purchased the Westminster Quarters. What do you recommend would go best with them? (Lullaby) We absolutely love these- they just have an amazing sound quality.. Thanks so much! Sandra

Hi Davis, I just completed my order. I love the sound of your chimes. Very soothing and relaxing. (The westminster chimes you have as the default sound on your webpage....that's beautiful). I thank you for all of your assistance and I can't wait for my mom to receive this very meaningful gift. Thanks and I look forward to doing business with you again. Everytime I go to your homepage and hear those chimes...it really relaxes me!!! Few things in life have such a direct and immediate affect on me! Best, Gary

Hello Mr. Davis, I just saw your website and your chimes sound wonderful. I am looking for something close to the song Amazing Grace. Do you have that one or something religious? It is a special gift for my dad who is getting up in years and loves that piece. (Lazy Day or any of the other common pentatonic wind chimes would work for that, but I can compose one that works even better.) Hello (again) Mr. Davis, I just wanted to write and thank you for all your hard work on the Chime for my dad. We celebrated his birthday Sunday and was able to give him the package. He loves it and it sounds like church bells in his backyard. I think he will get many years out of it and thanks for doing the special order. It sounds so nice. Take care Dan

Just wanted to let you know the chines arrived just now and sound great out in Cafe Caffè, AKA the patio. James

Thanks --- I bought 4 or 5 from you 2 years ago and they are wonderful --- when my mother is in the garden she says it's like churchbells from a distance... John

Davis, Thank you for remembering me. The Spring Chime of yours that I gave as a gift was one of the best gifts I've ever given. Do keep making your beautiful chimes. Truly, Gwen

The chimes are beautiful. They create a very peaceful and serene atmosphere in my garden. Previously I had purchased chimes as a gift for my sister, and would definitely order from Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes again in the future. Leslie

I love Davis Blanchard wind chimes. The service is superb, they ship the chimes out the same day you order, and the quality of the chimes is unsurpassed! Elana

I was surprised how quickly I received my wind chimes. They were packaged very nicely. They are a gift. Joan

Very fast service and a beautiful product. Virginia

Excellent product and customer service. The chime is so lovely, my family loves it. I already had Windy City Blues and gave my Daughter in law...Summer Simmer...gorgeous. I rate them highly. June

Thank you for sharing your talent in producing these beautifully music wind chimes!!! My son would complain about the inexpensive wind chimes I have hung on the front porch and out back. He said they are very annoying and tinny sounding. He is partially correct. Once I received the Westminster Chimes from you and hung them on the front porch --- what a difference that made. I am musically challenged. The best way I can describe these chimes is that they are singing out their tune with still having a lingering/resonating back ground music. I have been proudly showing these chimes to friends - if there is no breeze, I ring them! One lady said like the pedals on an organ or piano! Carol Ann

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my windchime. Even my HUSBAND loves it and he doesn’t normally comment on such things. He says “It soothes him”. Thank you so much. Teena

Dear Mr Blanchard, We were just gifted with a set of your Celestial Harmonies Chimes for our 60th anniversary. We are delighted. Thank you very much for the engraved message on each set. We are anxious to get our chimes hung and experience the joy and serenity they will bring. Blessings, Colene

Dear Mr. Blanchard, Today I hung up your wonderful westminister windchimes. They are lovely. Thank you, Marilyn

Great customer service in addition to having the most beautiful wind chimes I have ever heard. Beverly

Your windchimes sound amazing!!! Anne

Chimes came today and sound great. Thanks for great product. Merry Christmas. Tom

Dear Davis, I can't wait to order one of your chimes for my husband soon! These gifts are for my parents and my husband's parents. We were enchanted by your chimes and hearing them on line. We associate their music with so many wonderful memories. Merry Christmas!! Russi

Thank you. I love my chimes and am more excited about this gift for my beloved than any other. Happy holidays! Susan

Your tunes are wonderful! Thank you so much for such beautiful music. Lauren

Hi Davis, I just placed an order for three Lingering Lullaby windchimes. My dear friend was killed last week by a man running a red light as he fled from another accident. We are having a memorial service for her. I ordered these chimes to give to her father, brother, and another dear friend of ours so when it chimes, they are reminded that she is always near us. I listened to a number of the chimes on your website and this seemed to be the most soothing. Thank you and it appears that you do great work. Guess a part of you will now be shared in my circle. Love and light, Denita

I received your wind chimes this week and they are beautiful! Maggie

Just sent in another order. Sorry that I didn't include it with my order last week (already received THANK YOU!) but I just realized that the chimes would be perfect gifts for my "very hard to buy for parents and in-laws". LOVE THE CHIMES!! Excited about the CD too since I'll be able to hear it while I'm indoors. Merry Christmas! Tina

Your chimes are amazing! Truly fabulous tones. I love them! Linda

I am sure it is beautiful and my friends will love the addition to their new home…with a wraparound porch!! It took me 4 days to choose Spring Splendor. Listened to all…..well, I can’t tell you how many times. Narrowed down to Splendor, Lunar and Lullaby by day 3, but it still took me another day to make the decision. It had to be perfect; the recipients are my best friends in all the world. I love the tone. Thank you for letting me take so much of your time. Have a wonderful day. Sara

Mr. Blanchard, After much research in finding a wind chime for my daughter-in-law, I finally decided to purchase your beautiful wind chimes which I received from you this week. My husband is a native born Texan and we both are proud to purchase Texas made products like yours. Thank you for your excellent workmanship and products that will be cherished for the years to come. Barb

Hello, I'm tardy getting to this, but I just wanted to tell you how much pleasure your set of chimes (Summer Simmer Wind Chime) has given me since I set them up a couple of weeks ago. There is a fair amount of turmoil in my life in the moment. The soothing tones of these chimes provide a very welcome aural 'balm'! Thank you, I'm a fan! Bob in Santa Monica

Hi Davis, The wind chimes have arrived and the sound of the Westminster Quarters and the Custom Chime you did is just beyond words. Thank you. Tracy

Hi Davis, I have been on your chimes site for days. Absolutely beautiful. Tracy

Davis, I have already ordered three of your chimes. The one I kept for myself brings me great joy. I would like to order 5 more for Christmas presents for my family. Kathy

Hi Davis, I purchased some chimes from you about a month ago and my wife and I love them. Thank you! Dennis & Debbie

Thank you for the good work you do. I bought your chimes for my granddaughter in Florida a couple of years ago. She loved them so much. And last year she surprised me with chimes of my own. When I hear them, I always think she is speaking to me. Her words, "the gift that keeps on giving." She is so right. They are the most wonderful gift in the world. Peace and light to you and your family. Barbara

Greetings, UPS delivered my recent purchase of The Blues and Windy City Blues chimes today, and now they're out in the backyard making beautiful music together. Thank you, Allen

Hi -- Just dropping a quick note to let you know that the two sets of chimes arrived, and I am so excited about Christmas. These are wonderful. I'm terrible at keeping secrets, but I'm doing my best to make sure these stay a happy surprise. Can't wait 'til my husband gets his because I get to enjoy them, too! :-) Thanks again, and I will tell everyone who makes the most melodious chimes! Tamara

Dear Mr. Blanchard, I have fallen in love with your Westminster Chimes. They remind me of my Grandmother. She had a clock that chimed the Westminster Quarters. Thank you for listening, Pat

Mr. Blanchard, I have had one of your wind chimes for over 25 years. I love it. It was given to me by my daughter when she was just a child. She is now 32. Gratefully, Louise

Dear Davis, I love your chimes. I adore your chimes. I can't wait to have more of them. When I am gainfully employed again -- I will be able to gift my home with more of your music. Thank you so much, All the best, Carla

Hello Mr. Blanchard, I hope this finds you well. I really love your wind chime sounds you have on line. I can tell you have great pride in what you do, the tones and resonation that your chimes produce seem to be second to none. I have spent many hours searching the internet and many years to find the perfect chimes. I know for sure that now I have found them. I visit your website almost everyday to listen to the wonderful notes you have created. Please drop me a line back so I can hopefully know I can have the best chimes in the world from you. Also for a side note, the cd music you are selling sounds great and when I saw the cover of the Passage cd I knew I was in the right place. The reason is I recognized the image on the cover as almost the same one I have taken myself for I am a photographer. I want to send you a few of my pictures of that area were the image was taken. Thank you for your time... Greg

Dear Davis, The chimes arrived yesterday and I have to say they are extraordinary. All three chimes are impressively constructed to Texas weather standards - which is a good thing considering yesterday's tornadoes in south eastern and central Dallas county. The chimes are up already and giving the garden a beautiful tonal bathing. I couldn't be happier. Thank you! Thought it might amuse you to see what last winter brought to DeSoto which makes the choice of the Winter and Winter Wonder wind chimes seem appropriate. (The photo has been doctored to emphasize the blues, obviously, but the depth of snow on the lantern is real! :-) It will be my pleasure to direct my friends to your website so they can try out and select their own Davis Blanchard wind chimes. Kind regards, Carl

Hello Davis! First of all, your wind chimes are totally AWESOME! Have passed your website on to others. Your wind chimes are the best I have heard! Plus they come with a lifetime repair! The only problem is choosing which one to buy!!!! Barbara

I enjoyed your site and am excited that I found an American made product by a craftsman with your musical expertise. Katie

I have had one of your chimes since we bought an old house in Missouri about 14 years ago and it was left hanging in a tree when we bought the house. We have taken it everywhere we have moved including our current home in Indiana, because the sounds it makes are so soothing and beautiful. Estelle

I recently placed an order and have received my two wonderful windchimes. I immediately ordered another for myself and two for family gifts. Gerald

Thank you Davis Blanchard. We are one of your best sales people. Everyone who comes to our yard wants and gets a chime for themselves. Patricia

davis, bought chimes from u directly and also recently, from the dallas arboretum...for a friend. just so you know, they just love their chimes as much as i do. thanks for making such beautiful music. have a happy fathers day. lane

Everyone I gifted with your chimes have been enjoying their beauty and music…..including our humble abode. Barbara

We've been enjoying your chimes for, I guess, close to twenty years. They are my "go to" wedding gift and house warming gift. Thanks for the many years of enjoyment and easy gift buying. Kirk

These are wonderful --- I have purchased 4 different types of these musical tuned wind chimes and I have to say that if you are going to buy wind chimes then musically tuned is the way to go. We work a lot in the gardens out back and my mother in particular says that, even in a calm breeze, the music made by these wind chimes reminds her of church bells in her homeland of Poland. I liked them so much that I purchased another set and sent it to Joan Fontaine, the actress. She liked them so much that she had them hung on an old oak tree outside of her library/study so she could see and hear them all the time. I am now wondering if other parts of the garden could benefit from a couple more of these beautiful works of art. They have come a long ways from the old wind chimes... believe me... Seadreamer NJ

I have two of them and enjoy them daily. They give me a peaceful almost tranquil feeling. I have enjoyed my two units for several years. I wish you the best. Neal

By the way the wind chimes I bought for my daughter give her much pleasure still. They are beautiful. Sweetkeys

The best wind chimes in the world! Tom

Hi Davis, Monday a friend hung my wind chimes you made, later that day I listened to Sonia Sanchez (1st time I heard of her) on Tavis Smiley, she is a poet-activist-scholar-retired professor who has a new book of poems she entitled 'Morning Haiku'..... a good day... she said to just write and not worry about the traditional beat/structure of haiku. Today I wrote a haiku inspired by Sonia and the wind chimes.... and I am sending it to you because I think you will appreciate the effect your wind chimes have: Wind chimes--Wind moving through wind chimes--the sounds remind me to listen--and hear music of my soul. Freda

Hello - I ordered one of your wind chimes for my mom for Christmas and she loves it. It really is SOO much better then all of her other chimes. Courtney

Hey, just wanted to let you know.. i got some chimes for my mom in Texas. She LOVES them. Said they are top notch and beautiful. You get a high five .. thanks for quick shipping and a great product. Lesa

Bought your Winter Chime from retailer in Southern Ohio. They are the best. I live in South Texas "Corpus Christi" where the elements are harsh for anything outside, so your design is perfect for my area. They are absolutely stunning in sound quality. Great Product, Bill

I just let my students listen to the chimes. They love them! You are so talented! Tana

Thank you so much for the windchimes. I purchased them for my son and he absolutely loves the soothing tone. Bless you, Linda

Davis, I have owned a Summer Chyme wind chime since around 1989 - I received it as a Christmas gift from my husband. I can't tell you the many happy memories I have with that wind chime in the background. We could not find a place to purchase another like it - nothing sounded quite the same. I took a shot on Google to find you. I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE SUMMER CHYME. I cannot wait to receive it this coming weekend. Thanks so much! Julia

Good morning! I just wanted to let ya'll know that these chimes are heavenly! It is obvious the care and attention paid in creating them - and the sound that comes forth when the wind dances through the chimes is sublime! Thank you so much! Amy

Both of us are very much looking forward to adding this wind chime (Summer) to the two others we purchased from you (Summer Simmer and Lingering Lullaby), both of which we enjoy a great deal especially on windy days such as today is. Keep making beautiful wind music for others to enjoy...such a blessing! Helen

We love your chimes! Bought the Westminster Quarters chime last year and we are so enjoying it! Kimie

Hello Davis, two weeks ago you sent a chime for me for a dying friend who has since passed. His wife absolutely loves the chime, I'm sending this one to his sister. Thank you. Kathleen

Dear Davis, I found your website by chance on the Internet when I was looking for a wind-chime to add to my new home in Corrales, New Mexico. I fell in love with your wind-chime, Summer Simmer and ordered it back in March. Since the day we hung it up, it has played for us daily and has become part of our surroundings. Many a time I have been on the phone talking with friends and they have mentioned what beautiful music they hear in the background -- which is your beautiful chimes playing. I just ordered the same set of chimes for my sister in Naples, Florida for her birthday and will include the beautiful poem on your website. Together we will both be enjoying the same beautiful sounds from your chimes. Thank you for being the artist your are. Yours truly, Caroline

I just hung my Westminster chimes today and love them. I've had many chimes over the years (none have lasted more then a year). I noticed when I opened the box how well they are made. I'm sure they will give me years of pleasure. Charles

Hi Davis, I got your chimes yesterday and they are PERFECT!!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled! They actually work better for the piece than hand bells would. The text is in Old German and it's full of percussive "kling klang's." The vocal bell sounds are more active and exciting in quality than meditative, and the slight percussive attack of striking the chimes followed by the beautiful resonance couldn't be more perfect. My ensemble is very excited about having them to work with. Thank you a million times!!! Rebecca

I have been thinking of getting wind chimes made by you ever since I first discovered them a couple of years or so ago...with the windows open this spring, allowing the fresh air, breeze, and birdsong to enter, I am getting this house a gift of a beautiful wind chime! St Louis

Hello Davis! Wanted you to know that we donated the chimes that we recently purchased from you to the Lake Mary Center, here in Paola, KS, for their garden. They were well received and sound beautiful! We took a picture of the occasion for our website, and will also include a link to your website, so that people can get information about you. Thanks again! Joe

Hi Davis! Our wind chime lab is rolling along again this year -- I have more students than I had anticipated, so I'll need a couple more chime sets. PLU

Dear Mr. Blanchard, What a wonderful set of windchimes you have made. I estimate I have had these for 10-15 years and they have hung by my backsteps the entire time. Additionally, I have purchased as gifts about 10. Everyone tells me the enjoyment they get from the chiming and softness of the sound. Ruth

I loved my first Davis Blanchard Wind Chime so much that I bought another Davis Blanchard Wind Chime this year. When I opened the box I was thrilled! A yard just can't have too many Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes!! Cheryl

Your website is wonderful. So blessed to have found you! Ashley

I've been researching wind chimes for some time and last night my husband and I decided your information and reviews were the best we could find on the internet. Marilyn

I just wanted to let you know that the moment I heard my new Westminster chimes I fell in love. They sound misterious, alluring and yet soothing. I was amazed at the speed of the delivery. Wanda

Looks and sounds beautiful!! You have a forever customer!! I'm trying to decide which one will be my next purchase!! Thank you, thank you again! Cheryl

Thank you for the very prompt shipping of your wind chimes! Jim

I loved listening to all the wind chimes on your web site - that certainly sold me over sites that don't have that and you don't know what you are getting! Thanks so much, Joy

Back perhaps in the mid to late 1980's, I purchased a wind chime from you (or someone selling your chimes?) at the Eugene Saturday Market. At the time and for our budget, it seemed like an extravagance, but one I've never regretted! The wind chime has given us so much pleasure. We've had it on our front porch all these years. It's never needed repair and it's still making beautiful music. Jo

This morning I hung my new Westminster wind chime on my front porch and waited for the wind. Well, I just heard its most beautiful tones! I am so happy with my purchase. Thank You again for your fine workmanship and speedy delivery. Cheryl

I had never heard of tuned chimes until a friend of mine told me about them. She said there is a place near her that sells them. I decided to go on line and look around. I chose you because I could hear your chimes [they are just out of this world] and also because you repair them if need be. You will be getting an order from me shortly. Thank-you so much!! Cindy

Thank you so much, And especially for such a beautiful product! Kimberley

Mr. Blanchard, My husband's professional position requires the giving of lots of gifts. He is currently stationed at Dover AFB in Dover, Delaware where the wind never stops blowing, it seems. Without a doubt, our favorite gift to give someone who is leaving Dover AFB on the way to serve their country at another base is one of your wind chimes. We always tell the recipient to remember the winds of Dover whenever they hear the beautiful chimes and the friendships that were made while stationed here. Though I have searched high and low for other wind chimes to give as a gift, there is not an equal at any price- for the perfect tone and pure peace that yours offer. Whenever we give your wind chimes, we know we have presented the perfect gift. There is no better feeling! Thank you, Mr. Blanchard. It was an honor speaking with you today. I am looking forward to the arrival of yet more gifts to give! Kathie

Westminster Chimes is undoubtedly the absolute best Davis Blanchard wind chime yet! It's incredibly beautiful! I love it! I have tended to think of Corinthian Bells as my favorite type of wind chime. But Westminster Chimes could change that -- I'm saving my money to buy another. I have a shepherd's hook ready and waiting! Carol

These chimes are wonderful. I've had three of them hanging outside for decades now. The sound is soooo beautiful. Absolutely the BEST! Rene

Dear Davis, Just got my Westminister chime and love it. Pete

Thanks for all your help. I'm glad to buy this from a craftsman rather than a big box! I will recommend you to anyone who's in the market for a nice chime. Thanks again, JE

I received my windchime and it is lovely. Dianne

I have shown your web site to several people and forwarded the link to several more. I have already received Christmas gift "suggestions" so I will no doubt be visiting again. Jim

Thank you so much for the beautiful music you have put in our lives. Anon

Thank you so much. I love my new Westminster Chimes, so am giving them as gifts to everyone!! Kathy

Too funny -- when I ordered my "Westminster Quarters" windchimes, I had no idea you were in Austin. Wow! They are truly splendid. I just got the chimes hung today, and we have a slight breeze. I can't believe how rich and full the tones are. Can't wait for the cold front the weatherman is predicting! I think your windchimes will be my favorite new wedding gift. Michelle

Thank you. I am truly excited to own one of your beautiful wind chimes. Joel

Thank you. I just love your wind chimes and I had to buy a Christmas gift with the element of AIR in mind. I thought your chimes were just the perfect thing. They sound so beautiful. Happy Holidays to you Sally

Thank you, your wnd chimes are beautiful! Kelley

Your wind chimes are delightful and I just placed an order for a family member. Valerie

Dear Mr. Blanchard, My name is Steve and I just received my wind chimes via UPS today. I just wanted to say that these are by far the nicest sounding chimes I have ever heard! Thank you for your immediate shipment of my order. 5 Stars! to you sir. Kindest regards, Steve

This is a present going to a friend who is somewhat of a perfectionist about wind chimes and I think he will be quite impressed with yours ...I am. Regards, Deborah

I listened to many chimes on the internet and in stores. Your's has the best tone. Thank you so much. And thanks for the personal service. Carolyn

Davis, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how very pleased I am with my windchime purchase from you. The ordering process, the delivery process and the quality of the merchandise has made my buying experience with you simply outstanding. Most importantly, please trust that if I or ANY of my acquaintences need a wind chime, we will be contacting you. Thanks again and have a great holiday. Joe

Hi Davis, I recently ordered the Summer Simmer chimes for a friend for Christmas and he LOVES them. I could hear them playing while talking to him on the phone...thanks for helping me find such a great surprise! Kathy

Davis, Both wind chimes I ordered arrived this afternoon and I got them hung before dark. I am looking forward to enjoying their sound on breezy afternoons and evenings. Thanks, John

I just spoke with G and T and told them I sent the wind chimes. They love them. I ordered your lullaby pair for the infant sensory playground at our child care center and I am looking forward to spring weather so that I can hang them up. They are absolutely amazing and I plan to order some for my home as soon as the spring weather comes. Hope

Just wanted to let you know my beloved windchimes arrived last night safe and sound. I hung them first thing this morning. Nancy

Thanks for the quick response. Great news the order has already been delivered. That is superb service. We plan to place another order with you some time this week for another special friend of ours. Thanks again. Sincerely, Al

Mr Blanchard- I ordered Westminster Quarters and Lullaby from you several months ago (per your recommendation) and have them hanging in trees about 50 yards from the house (I love-love them!!!!!). Tina

The windchimes (Westminster Quarters) I ordered from Davis Blanchard were shipped out immediately. I had them within 4 days. I liked the packaging - there was no way anything would happen to them. I like this man very much and his product. Clare

I received my westminister chimes a few days ago. Absolutely outstanding in all areas of quality and craftmanship. I have been a devoted Grace Note fan for the past 10 years. Your sound bite hooked me, but the rugged quality was the clinch. They are built to last at a very fair price! Thank you for your dedication. I look forward to future purchases. Absolutely music to my ears. Randall

Just wanted to let you know that I received my wind chimes and am so impressed by the sound. I have never heard a wind chime as beautiful as the Westminster. I would like to put another in the backyard in the farthest corner, could you recommend one that would compliment the Westminsiter? (Lullaby) Thank you so much for beautiful work that you do. Linda

I just received my D. Mathis chimes and they are absolutely beautiful in vision and sound! I really, really love them. They have now turned into my standard wedding/shower/etc gift. Thank you both for such fine and wonderful chimes. In my book, you can't have too many Chimes! Frances

Received the wind chimes on March 30th. They were a Birthday Gift for our Son. He opened the box and absolutely Loved Them, the sound is Wonderful. Thanks for the quick shipment. Janice

I find your windchimes beautiful and very unique from what is out there. Christine

Davis - I just wanted to write you and thank you for our wind chimes! My husband and I purchased them last Spring from a cute shop in Hocking Hills, Ohio where we went to hike. We had just gotten married a few months before and put our chimes in a Gazebo outside our bedroom window. Every time we hear them, we reminisce about our fun adventure and fall asleep listening. We purchased "The Blues" scale in C. Thank you for your attention to detail in creating such a quality product that is so soothing to the soul! Shirley

I have searched around and listened to many chimes and these are most beautiful! Thank you. Gail

Hello- I ordered some wind chimes sunday night. They are a gift for my grandmother. Her old ones fell apart and I was convinced I was going to find her the most beautiful Music chimes made......I am so glad I found yours and I am excited for her to get them. P.S. I listened to your band online.....Awesome stuff! - thanks! Liz

We're really digging the chimes. I have them hanging on the front corner of the house right by my office window, so I can hear them loud and clear when it's open and I'm in here. With all the wind we've had, the are getting quite a workout. And everybody that walks by down the sidewalk gets a nice little concert. Thanks again for the quick turnaround. Stan!

There are hand tuned wind chimes, and then there are Davis Blanchard tuned wind chimes. These musical chimes are the best in the wind chime world. Larry

Hi Dave, We have really enjoyed our wind chimes. Keep up the good work. Genay

Dear Dave, I am really enjoying the wind chimes I purchased recently. Good luck to you. Althea

I love my wind chimes i got from you... Maybe next winter we can trade some wind chimes for some fresh tomatoes and herbs. Teena

Davis, Thankyou for the beautiful wind chimes, I am sure they will bring a lifetime of happiness. I ordered another set for my sister and they arrived the same day mine did and she is as pleased with hers as I am with mine. I am sure you will be hearing from me again. The chimes are not only wonderfully constructed but are also lovely to look at and music for the soul. Sincerely, Jane

Davis, Received in fine order at both destinations. Thanks. John

Wind chimes arrived a couple days ago, and they are terrific! We have two others from two different sources that are tuned also and when the wind is right you can hear all three, which are tuned an octave apart. Thank you for a fine addition to our garden area. Jim

Davis, Got the 4 Westminster chimes and put them up. BEST I'VE HEARD and I've got probably 20 or so now. Ron

I have collected numerous wind chimes over the years, but these are the best. Clarity of sound, like a fine orchestra. What impressed me when I opened the box, was the construction, the heaviness of the tubes, and the stringing. I knew from the construction, that these chimes were going to be so much better than all the others I have had. The sound is mellow, no matter how hard the wind blows, and we've just had a night of 50 mph wind gusts. The price is unbelievably low for such value. Susan

Thanks, Davis. You've convinced me. I placed an order earlier today. I appreciate all the info you gave me. Can't wait to get my wind chime. Diane

Beautiful chime and made in the USA! Marie

Hey Davis, I just wanted to leave my testimonal. Your customer service is excellent. I appreciate your prompt response to my email questions. The shipping was quick and the price was right. Thank you so much for the wonderful wind chimes. Peggy

Dear Mr. Blanchard, I do hope that you can but begin to imagine the countless people, a countless number of times, who have been touched by the hand that created these chimes---touched with an unexpected joyful sound that brought a moment of pleasure, wonder or peace. I am one! Their sound is so pure, rich---beautiful. Thank you!! Catharine

Greetings- Enclosed is an order for 8 pieces. 4 are solos and the others are duet sets. I learned about these from one of my brothers in Ohio. He has at least four, which I really enjoyed hearing. John

Great communication. The chimes are beautiful, heavy and sound gorgeous. Jackie

Excellent, the chimes arrived quickly and we are delighted with them. Stephen

I enjoyed being able to listen to the different chimes tones that were available and reading about the musical structure that went into the making of each one. I bought it as a wedding gift and they are very happy with it's sound. The whole experence on line, shipping and payment was hassle free. Peg

Thank you very much. I'm going to recommend you to all my wind chime loving friends. Mona

Davis, Received the chimes yesterday and they sound wonderful. They will make great gifts, now we will have to get some for ourselves. Bruce

Thanks Davis, I bought your Spring chimes at a store in Boone, NC this past summer and love them. This order is a gift for my kids to give my ex-husband/their dad. Thanks for adding beautiful music to the world. Happy Solstice Holly

I'm glad I found your web site! Needless to say this is a Christmas present for my wife. To be honest I'm not the musician in the family! I couldn't decide which set I liked the best so I just chose one! I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas! Steve

Thanks, Davis. This is not a holiday gift so there is no immediate rush, but thank you very much for sending the order promptly! (These particular chimes make a nice physics experiment for my course on musical acoustics. I have one set of the "Lingering Lullaby" chimes already and it works well for the experiment I have in mind.) Peace William

I received my package today! The chimes sound beautiful! My mother in law is going to be very pleased when she opens her Christmas gift. I will definitely order a set of wind chimes for myself this spring. Thanks for all your help with UPS and getting my chimes to me in time for Christmas. Thanks again Julie

Thanks for all your help. I will spread the word about your wind chimes and great customer service. I just know my Mother in law is going to love her chimes, I can't wait to listen to them. Julie

Thank you for all your help. This is something that my mother in law asked for, for Christmas. Your product was the only one I would trust to be of great quaility. I know she will love it. thanks again Julie

Dear Davis, Thank you so much for sending my son and his family your wind chime in Canyon Lake yesterday. They LOVE it. They just bought a new home and said they wanted wind chimes for their wrap around deck. I don't think they have ever seen the difference between an artfully made chime and one from walmart, so i was very pleased when i saw how affordable yours were. They told me it is very nicely made, a true bargain and find!!! Thank you so much. Clay & Melissa

I am so excited to find these wind chimes! I have turned a tree in my front yard into a memorial for my husband who passed away 21 days ago. I have decided to put as many windchimes in that tree as possible. I live in Texas so, get a lot of hot, wet, windy weather. I am anxious to see if this one holds up because, if it does, I will be purchasing many more! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful art work! God bless you...Happy New Year Jenny

I got my windchime today and I wanted you to know it's stunning and sounds beautiful hanging in the 100 year old Red Oak Tree. I LOVE IT! Thanks for taking time to be an artisan. Darla

Using some gift money recently received, we wanted to treat ourselves to some special wind chimes; something that would provide a lasting memory. After shopping unsuccessfully, I began to search the Internet and came across your web site. We were so impressed even before really looking at the chimes themselves. We wound up ordering The Blues and Windy City Blues combo which arrived in 3 days as promised and we are extremely pleased with our purchase. The chimes were immediately hung, and we have been enjoying hours of their music. They are so well constructed and the sound is terrific. While our chimes were received less than a week ago, we have already provided information on them and the web site to two friends. And we have our wish of something special to enjoy for years to come as we think of my parents (both in their 90's) who made the purchase possible. Thank you so much, and we'll be back. Judi

Hello, Davis! I just had to write to tell you how very much we are enjoying the wind chime, Summer Simmer, my husband purchased for me for Christmas. Our Maine winters can be harsh with ice, snow and much wind but neither one of us could wait until spring to put it up. Not only has it weathered each storm wonderfully well (we've only had to bring it inside to thaw ice from it once so far!) it also serenades us with the most lovely melodies. We have hung it right beside our front door where we hear it as we go and come plus we can also hear the sweet melodies in our sun room. It's so peaceful and relaxing! Both of us enjoy it so much we have already begun talking about purchasing another one (Lingering Lullaby) to complement it as well as increase the area where we would be able to hear the sweet melodies two would produce! Thank you for making such a melodic product with excellent quality craftsmanship! Helen

The chimes arrived, and are fantastic. I have never seen a better designed, better made, better sounding wind chime. All I need now are some bigger and better cup hooks! Thank you so much. Sand Springs OK

Thank you! I really appreciate you getting them out so soon. People are really loving them. They sound as good if not better than "Music of the Sphere's" which are double the price. Vista CA

I picked the wind chimes out for my daughter as a gift, having seen them only online. When they arrived my daughter immediately called and exclaimed how beautiful they are, and what a gorgeous sound they have. She was impressed with the solidity and craftmanship. So - I would definitely shop here again. Beverly

The order arrived quickly. The wind chime has the quality of even much more expensive chimes. The sound is wonderful. Marge

Fast delivery and good products Greg

Delivery was prompt, product was exactly as described on website. My wife wants more of their windchimes. Bernard

My experience here was simply wonderful. From the demos on the website through the ordering and shipping process, it was simple and straightforward. Best of all, the chimes sound absolutely pristine; would highly recommend this company. Thanks! Michelle

I had some problems with the web site-specifically when I tried to have the item sent to another address other than the billing address. However, I called the tel.# listed and spoke directly with the owner of the store and he took the info over the phone. The item was delivered when promised and in excellent condition. I would gladly recommend this site to others. Robert

I got them in three days in excellent condition. I just love the sound of the "Winter Wonder" chimes. The minor key makes for a soothing melody. It's as if they are singing to me. Next spring I'm going to get the "Autumn Aura" chimes. Can't wait! Faith

Davis was great. this was a gift and I asked if he could make a note that it was from 2 couples and he enclosed a card. Shipping was almost immediate. I will definitely do business with him again. Judith

Order was complete as negotiated. Very Satisfied Leo

Wonderful wind chimes. I would recommend Blanchard to anyone looking to purchase beautiful sounding windchimes. In the future I will purchase more from Davis Blanchard. Thank you for your excellent service. Holly

Product arrived ahead of estimated time, in good condition, performed as advertised. Aaron

Very fast response and had order faster then anyone else I have ordered online. Have told friends about this vendor. Michael

I just love these chimes! The sound quality is excellent! Eduardo

I was hoping to have these before Christmas, but in a prompt advisory from the seller, I was told I wouldn't receive them until the 28th - which was correct. My only real problem was with UPS - why they sat in Colorado for three days didn't make sense, but this wasn't the seller's fault. The chimes appear to be as advertised - I've only opened one so far. Vera

First off I want to say how impressed I was with being able to hear the pitches of each individual chime. I loved the names of your seasonal chimes and I found a lot of pleasure shopping with you. The immediate confirmation via email is pretty much industry standard these days but very comforting. I will purchase again for the next holiday, birthday, or surprise gift. I give you an A. Merry Christmas Susan

Great communication and attention to my needs. The shipping got a little messed up, but they responded immediately and were able to fix the problem quickly. They were wonderful to work with. Niki

Davis was fantastic! He took time to answer all my questions before my purchase and then shipped my chimes quickly. It was a wonderful experience and I will definitely buy more chimes from Davis in the future! Wendi

My husband helped me listen to the chime melody you suggested. It was beautiful. The Lingering Lullaby is definitely my choice for the sound. I loved them all but that one was perfect. CS

Dear Davis, I just received your first big shipment of bells! I am thrilled with their beauty! I plan to hang out a set for each season. I noticed how great they were packaged and shipped. I plan to store them in those boxes when they are not being enjoyed. In the summer of 2007 I ordered my FIRST wind chimes from you. I remember calling you on the phone and discussing the different harmonies your bells make. (I really LIKE your UPDATED website by the way) After receiving your first set of chimes, and hearing them all throughout the summer, fall and winter, I have been thrilled with their beautiful sounds. My second shipment of chimes is ordered and will be delivered on Feb 7, 2008. I am giving each of my daughters a duet set. One plays flute and the other daughter bassoon. Both were also active in the bell choir at church when they were young. I know they will enjoy the music the chimes make! KC

I'm a big fan. Have been searching high and low for wind chimes that are made to stand up to outdoor conditions. AND yours come with a lifetime guarantee. What could be better? I will probably buy a "Discount Pack" of 4. JT

Hi! My girlfriend, Mary Kay, and I bought several windchimes directly from you, at your shop, a few months ago. We love them and had, in fact, intended to give them away. We kept them all! EY

I have been searching FOREVER to find wind chimes that aren't made of organic materials that rot and fall apart. I found them in your company. You are brilliant. Thank you! JD

The sound samples on your site are brilliant. That is what really sold me. (And the fact that your outdoor chimes don't ROT like all others on the market!) The 4 I got for xmas gifts were beautiful. My brother was shocked and amazed by them. Now --these are for me. Kathy

Rec'd the Wind Chimes and absolutely love them. Great sounds and very relaxing. Recommend your product 100%. Thank you PR

I am very pleased with my order. They were the "item of envy" at our Christmas festivities and I passed on your web site to those present. Karen

I got my wind chimes and the neighborhood is thrilled by the sounds. Kathy

Your chimes have the most wonderful sounds...I will save up to order another soon. Cathy

Hi, the windchime came today..it is superb.....i will order another soon...thankyou so so much Cathy

Davis, I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our 4 wind chimes. We have had some windy days since receiving them and love sitting outside listening to them. This is far superior to the plain wind chimes I have wasted my money on in the past. Thank you. Sincerely, Patricia

Every time I go in my backyard I hear my chime and am ready to chill out in a hammock and read for hours. Sonya

Everybody loves your chimes, they are the best sounding. AA

Hi!! I am SO PLEASED to have stumbled upon your site after a search for tuned wind chimes. I had long ago gotten a wind chime at a fair that had large, deep tones. I love it but it soon fell apart in the GA weather. Gone and gone. So I was pleased to find that your own are so differently - obviously much better - made. And the selection!! Just flat out WOW. Thanks so much for such an interesting item!! I can tell you have devoted yourself to the matter and I am always a fan of quality, integrity and devotion to an avocation. Best wishes!! Laura

I've seen some customers ring every QMT, Woodstock, and music of the Spheres, and walk up to the counter with a Summer Simmer. Alex

Awesome Chime. We got it. We love it. JE

I want to give them something nice and I can't think of anything better than a set of your chimes! Bob

I am the thrilled owner of your "Summer Simmer" chime as of two weeks ago and am praying for WIND. You do beautiful work and I would like to thank you. In this age of mass marketing it is a joy to come upon you and your creations. MHO

Thank you for taking the time to put sound samples on your website. I've attached to lingering lullaby. I have reservations about putting something so valuable out onto the patio in my neighborhood. My hope is that those who trend towards thievery will not have a clue of the chimes value. Will be ordering soon. Again, thank you for your hard and creative work! Meg

Just received my chimes and they sound gorgeous. Tess

I have listened to many (so-called) wind chimes of all denominations ($) and by far the Davis Blanchard melodies are the most pleasing ... never tiring of each note that escapes the metallic cylinders. I live in Northern Ohio by Lake Erie and our D. Blanchard chimes have given so much pleasure to my outdoor (which I habit twelve months a year) chores : rain, shine, snow and yes, even ice! I was thrilled to see that these harmonious musicals are still available...I wish to add to our originals and take these sounds into my barn with me!!! Thank you soo much for your gifted talents!!! ASH

Davis, your windchimes are wonderful!!!! My old wind chimes that were purchased at a local store over twenty years ago finally fell to the ground and broke earlier this year. I had enjoyed them so much through the years and was heartbroken when they broke. Summer and fall seemed so empty without the lovely sound of wind chimes in our yard. So, I typed a search into my computer for tuned wind chimes. Yours was the first site I clicked on and I never bothered to look further! Seeing how durably they are constructed and being able to listen to each of the lovely tunes (I'm keeping the web site in favorites so I can return any time to listen to more!) sold both me and my husband on your wind chimes. The hardest part was deciding which tune we liked the most although I informed him I would be happy with one each! He immediately placed an order for the Summer Simmer chime as a Christmas gift for me which I know both of us will enjoy for many years to come. Since we live in Maine with very harsh winter conditions, we will most certainly wait until early spring to hang it outside. Thank you so much for making your hand made, beautifully tuned wind chimes available for all to enjoy. God bless! Helen

It is so nice to have that personal touch when ordering, very little of that these days. Josephine

I love your work: the robust yet relaxing sounds your windchimes produce are beautiful. Thanks! Jennifer

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying listening to your chimes. They really are uplifting. Shelia

Your site is amazing. I loved listening to all the chimes. Many thanks, Claire

Davis, I neglected to write and tell you how I love the chimes I recently ordered from you! I ordered Autumn Aura and Lingering Lullaby (because your compatibility chart said they were just that, and wanted to hang them on opposite ends of the house). We live down by the Puget Sound in a beach house; the kind you see with sand on the floor, and colorful flags blowing in the breeze, so thought wind chimes were a must-have. Lullaby is off our upstairs bedroom balcony and every night I hear the tinkling as I go off to sleep. They are so beautiful! And I think I sleep better because they're there. Autumn Aura is hanging downstairs inside the dining room windows that I have wide open in the summer, and that chime will go outside now that it's heading into fall and winter. The winds off the Sound tend to blow a little stronger as the sun is going down in all seasons and that's what I'm hoping to capture. I love your wind chimes! I love the many moods of the Puget Sound and that's why I live here. Your chimes embellish and compliment everything that is astounding about our area. They are the 'earrings' on my home and the neighborhood loves them. Thank you so much! ~ Donna ~

Hi! I have enjoyed visiting your website...the music is beautiful! My dad was in a nursing home for nearly four years and just recently passed away. I have found the perfect gift in your wind chimes for the two special people that were responsible for most of his care! Hearing the beauty in these chimes will remind them of my dad and how very much we appreciated their tender care. I will also be purchasing one or two for myself. Heidi

My wife bought me one last year and I absolutely love it, so I’m sending this to the family cottage in Michigan. They are incredibly high quality. Thanks, Bob

We really love your wind chimes. We have 4 and have ordered for members of our family. They love them too! Very nicely made and beautiful to listen to in the yard. We wish there was wind every day. Patricia

Good morning. I already ordered and received the Christmas presents. I ordered 3 and received a free one that I'm hoping to keep. I have it hanging inside in the middle of a doorway so each time I go in and out of that room, I can listen to the music. Thank you, Barbara

Hello: I just wanted to let you know how much pleasure I receive when I listen to your chimes. They are really beautiful. I will be purchasing more as a new home gift for my son in Florida. Thank you again for the well made beautiful sounding chimes. Shelia

Thank you Davis. I love the wind chimes I got from you and will certainly think about making them a gift for the holidays. Lydia

I love the chimes I bought. They bring a very peaceful sound to a crazy world. Thank you for your amazing talents. Leslie

I'm looking forward to receiving the wind chimes i just purchased from you through paypal. I found your site months ago by googling "wind chimes". I knew I would be back and put you in my favorites list. I will most likely become a repeat customer because I love wind chimes and am very impressed with your website and appreciate your free shipping pricing stategy. Damien

Davis, just received the chimes and put them up. Wow. They are absolutely beautiful. Thoroughly charmed. Thanks so much. Damien

Your chimes sound great and I am glad I am purchasing from the craftsman himself!!!!! Thanks...will keep you in mind for future gifts... Donna

Just a quick note to say how much pleasure our summer wind chimes have brought us. We are listening to them right now as I write. Thanks for the good quality, beautiful sounds, and reasonable prices. Clarke & Rita

All of the chimes arrived this morning. Thank you so very much. I couldn't be happier! Elaine

I just received the Lingering Lullaby yesterday and just heard the natural sound of the chimes today. I mean that the chimes were moved by the air and not by me. The sound was so moving that I got up from my desk to go outside for a closer "listen". Such a beautiful and unique sound. The chimes are beautiful and will work so well for me here in Miami with the rain and the humidity. Two of my chimes were lost due to the ruining of the wood. I also want to thank you for the speed in which I received the chimes and the notifications of the progress. I also like the engraving of the sound on the chimes. This will work well when friends and family ask for the sound (and they will ask) where they can purchase. Thank you. Christine

We received the wind chimes and absolutely love them! Liza

I wanted to tell you that I received the order today, thank you and I love the chimes!!!! Wow, I can't wait to buy a set for my very own. Mabelline

I have had 'phone' friends ask if I live close to a church when they heard your chime. Elaine

After listening to chimes on internet for 6 months I finally ordered the set Summer Wind and Summer Simmer. I was surprised to receive them so quickly. I love the sound, but I've had to ring them myself. We just haven't had hardly any wind here in Tennessee since I got them. Looking forward to some windy days! I have passed your site onto my garden club. Sandy

Thank you! I was very happy to find your website, and I can't wait to buy myself a beautiful one too! This one in particular is for a friend who has a beautiful chalet on top of a mountain in west VA. Thanks for offering such a wide variety and what is even better, is being able to listen to the chimes!!!!!! Regards, MB

Hello, I love my new Summer Simmer windchimes!!! Lisa

Dear Sir: Quite a few years ago my wife and I bought one of your Spring Splendor wind chimes for my parents. They have loved it, and we think that its tones are the most beautiful combination we have ever heard in a wind chime. We would like to get one exactly like it for our house. Thank you very much for your time and for making such wonderful chimes. Joe

Hi, I just ordered windchimes for my friend for Christmas. I was afraid I had waited too late, but they arrived just in time. Thank you. She opened them yesterday and I was surprised!!! They are WONDERFUL!! A lot larger than I expected and the tone is out of this world!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You can bet I will be ordering more from you for everyone I know. Thanks so much, Margaret

I really enjoyed your web site. It was great and I loved being able to listen to them all as part of the selection process. Thanks, Terri

I enjoyed the 4 sets of C5 chimes I recently ordered from you so much that I am ordering two more chimes. Thank you for your great service. Carmen

I found your website because I was looking for tuned wind chimes. You are extremely talented. Ordered some today. After visiting your website my wife and I decided wind chimes would work great for other family members. We are also determined to get some for ourself after the holiday bills pass. The only problem we had was deciding on which sounds to pick for which family member. You offer so many. Who ever did your website did a great job! Thank you! Incredible job. Love the recordings and the visuals. Randy

Your chimes sound beautiful online and I have directed my children to your site for my own set for Christmas! Lisa

Hi Davis, The wind chime arrived today and they are beautiful. I can't wait for my friend to open them on Christmas. Thank you very much! Kathy

Hi Davis, I wanted to let you know that we received the chimes yesterday and they sound beautiful. What a nice product! Thanks, Marleen

Hello Mr. Blanchard, Just a short note to let you know I have gotten your chimes. Although a Christmas gift that my children are giving to me I had to sneak a listen to the chimes before they were wrapped for the holiday. For the few moments that I got a chance to listen I am very very very pleased with the chimes. I am looking forward to having Santa deliver my gift and then putting up the chimes. Living in Wisconsin means that the cold weather may delay (slightly) actually hanging the chimes outside. You can bet that as soon as I can they will be hung up as they have such a beautiful sound. Thanks for having such a great product and I am looking forward to many years of listening to your chimes. Have a great holiday season, Don

Hi Davis, I can't wait to get them. Your website sold me on your chimes because I could listen to them. Very good website! Lisa

Hi Davis, Thank you so much! I had purchased this same one a while back. I just adore it! It's more personal and very much appreciated than something you buy in a box at a store. This one, is for my sister. She has a house in PA on 2 1/2 acres of property and will just love it while she is sitting on her deck enjoy nature. I can't wait to give it to her. Thank you again, Kimberley

Hello. I had just received my shipment of 4 wind chimes and I am very delighted with your work and your product. You are a true artist. Jim

Davis, the chimes arrived today and I can only say I am delighted! The song is wonderful and very soothing. I wish now I had ordered a couple more and got the free one! Just wanted you to know that I am pleased. They hang now with my three sand cast brass bells and the tones marry well. Again my thanks. Neal

Hi Mr. Blanchard, I am writing to say I want to order the other wind chimes that you have. I love your wind chimes. Patsy

Hi Davis, Thank you for your quick response on shipping the wind chimes. They really are great. Thank you again, Karen

Hi Davis, Thanks for keeping me updated and informed. It is all in alignment and tuned to your skills, gifts and blessings expressed through the sound of your chimes. Much Love and Gratitude, Daniel

Mr. Blanchard, I wanted to confirm that the wind chimes arrived this past weekend. They look great! I will try to provide feedback once we find a place to hang them. Thank you for your help! Steve

Dear Davis, Thank you. It was a treat to hear the chimes through the website application...and to reflect on their names. These will be awarded to the first place finishers, the first lady and the last place finisher (autumn, lazy days, lullaby and the blues respectively) at our fall Laser (class sailboat) regatta later this month. I predict that they will be much appreciated and coveted, even the latter. Smooth sailing, Bruce

Hi Davis, I received my wind chimes. They are wonderful. Thanks for the prompt shipment and the great quality chimes. Janet

Hi Davis: Your chimes are great! Karen

Thanks very much Davis -- we look forward to receiving the wind chimes. You might like to know that this is the first of many wind chimes to be hung on our "Pet Memorial" that my husband just finished constructing. It is a post with a wooden ring in the shape of a 6-pointed star, studded with brass loops from which we will hang a wind chime for every pet that we have lost over the years. Each wind chime will have a memorial brass plate with the pet's name and other information. Yours is the first, and will memorialize our beloved Irish Setter, Lara, who was laid to rest almost 12 years ago. We were inspired by "Angels Rest" at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which has a similar type of memorial as part of their cemetary. We look forward to hearing the lovely sounds you have created. Best, Pam

Hi, They are truly beautiful. The sound is the best I've ever heard and this is a really old gardener talking, I am impressed with the wind chimes. Thanks, Carolyn

The quality and sound of your chimes is excellent. We have had others...but your work is far superior. Chester

I really enjoy being able to listen to the sound of your chimes. They all sound very good to me... Deborah

We're enchanted daily with the many tunes the breezes play. It is a beautiful thing, this giving voice to the wind. Ahoo! MT

I wish Woodstock chimes was as good as you are about getting orders out and sending shipment details. Ken

... and got them today. THANK YOU Davis, they are really peaceful to listen to. Greg

Thank you very much for the amazingly fast turn-around of your wind chimes! MD

Your wind chimes arrived today. Very fast service thank you. They all sound wonderful. I will be ordering more very soon. What more can I say except I love them and again thank you. Nancy

Hi Davis, your chimes are GREAT, just bought a new home and was looking for unique chimes! FOUND THEM! NJ

Oh, the wind chimes you sent sound absolutely beautiful, thank you so very much! WA

The Chimes Are a HIT! I cannot thank you enough for all your counsel during the purchase of my husband's new Blues Wind Chimes! He loves them! He said, and I quote, "Have you ever heard anything more beautiful in your life? They are perfect!" He immediately wanted to hang them. Your chimes have ended his search for the perfect Blues tuned chimes and for that, I will be eternally grateful. They will be hung in our new backyard for all our new neighbors to hear and be jealous of! Thank you again and I'm sure we will be expanding our wind chime collection, but only through you. You are a real talent and we feel blessed to have found you and your wind chimes. Thanks again. TN

Thank you for your work of musical art. Mo

I received the chimes and forwarded them. My sister-in-law loves the sound and noted the high quality craftsmanship. Houston

Davis, Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this. I am sure Sandra will be most happy with her new Davis Blanchard wind chimes. Anon

Hello, Received the chimes today. I bought them as a birthday gift so I won't see them hung for awhile but I held them up and love the sound. NJ

Hello Davis, Got the chimes TODAY!! They R GREAT but U knew that? Right? AR

Dear Mr. Blanchard, I received the wind chimes yesterday and they are beautifully made and the sound is wonderful. I had another wind chime on my porch that I thought was high quality until I heard it beside your creation. I will certainly rave about your chimes to my friends and family. Thanks I'll really enjoy them! NJ

THANKS DAVIS!!! It was windy enough for me to really hear beautiful sound of chimes. I know I will enjoy it for years to come. TX

I just wanted to tell you that I love your chimes. I haven't found any that compare. I already own two, Spring and Autumn. I purchased them at the Ginko Gallery in Oberlin, Ohio. I also give them as gifts which have received rave reviews. The quality of craftsmanship and sound are outstanding. Thank you very much for your artistic integrity and talent. OH

We just love your chimes... NJ

We received a set of your wonderful chimes as a Christmas gift, and would now like to share them with my sister on her Birthday. Thank you for your lovely art. We enjoy the soothing sounds daily. Houston

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you have the most beautiful chimes. WA

The chimes arrived today, just in time for my wife's birthday. She loved them and the tone is beautiful. She said that she wants more, so we will be keeping in touch. VA

I love them, they're just beautiful. They arrived yesterday as promised, couldn't wait for my husband to get home and hang them on my front porch. Needless to say there wasn't a breeze last evening but I'm patient and this morning they started singing to me. They are lovely, thank you so much for a good job done. I had a pair hanging for 22 years that were just wonderful; when they broke I cried, but these are just as lovely if not better. Again, thank you so much for your great site, with the promptness and of course a great chime. NC

I received the chimes and just had to let you know how excited and happy I am with them. I too am a musician and sounds mean a lot. This set of chimes is so soothing, so tranquil, so beautiful. Thank you so very much. OH

Thanks! They arrived today and sound even more wonderful than they did over the Internet. TX

Thanks, Davis! I appreciate your promptness! Houston

Thank you, the chimes are lovely, I am gifting this to my 80 year old Godmother, she will love it! CA

Thanks for the quick service in delivery of your wind chimes! OH

I have taken your chimes through many moves from Houston, to Michigan to Beaumont and back to Austin. We have always loved them. We have two housewarming gifts to get and could not resist getting two more. What a great deal! Don

I just listened to all of your chimes from your website! What a wonderful break in my morning! I will definitely be buying some...I love your marketing tool if only being able to listen to them! Austin

Hello, ...my husband and I just love your chimes... Your sound is very unique. I have not heard another chime quite like it... Anon

I received my Summer wind chime and I love it. We hung it on our veranda and are enjoying its lovely sounds. I would like to order an additional wind chime for my Mother... Ontario

Thanks so much for your prompt and professional service in delivering my wind chimes! Deborah

Thanks Davis, I can't wait! I already have Spring and Winter, plus either Summer or Fall, so this will really round out my collection with one left over. Now all I have to think about is picking a place to hang them all! Thanks for the speedy shipping. TX

I feel very fortunate to have come across your chimes. What a wonderful addition to my backyard serenity. Thanks again! CO

Hello Mr. Blanchard, I am so glad that I have found you through the Internet. I live in Montreal Canada and have owned one of your beautiful wind chimes more than 13 years. I was in Plattsburgh, New York and saw 4 wind chimes hanging inside a store. They were your chimes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. I stood there and listened to each one and was immediately drawn to Winter so I purchased it and carried it home to live in my house. Yes, it is inside the house and hanging next to the main entrance, so that when the door opens and closes the air movement touches the chimes and it softly plays a few notes. Sometimes, I just walk over to the chimes and gently move the circular ring to start the pipes playing and then stand beside them and listen. Each time I feel uplifted while listening to their song. Yesterday evening, some friends visited and we began to talk about your chimes and how beautiful they were. I decided then to look for you again on the Internet. I have searched before, but this time it was a success and I found your web site. I appreciate my wind chimes so much and I have always wanted to be able to thank you for your great talents and to let you know that your work is constantly appreciated by those you have never met. Thank you for bringing such beauty into this world and I wish you the peace and happiness that you have provided others by your great gifts. Canada

I enjoyed reading through your website - you have really put a lot of work into your wind chimes - they sound incredible! Anon

I remember getting my chimes about 6-7 years ago. The first time I heard them, I appreciated the clean, clear tones of my DB wind chimes. I have moved them with me several times where they now reside in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. It's windy there and they are constantly subjected to 10-18 knots of wind. They've held up as promised. Thanks for a great and beautiful product. Terry

I listened to all your chimes. I like Dawn...awesome. When I hear chimes it reminds me of all the good things in life. Aaron

Most beautiful wind chimes I've ever heard! Super Fast Shipping! Thanks so much! IL

I've truly enjoyed these wind chimes; they have brought my neighbors and I such joy over the years. NY

These chimes have become a hit here, with their sturdiness and capability to handle the nasty weather. AK

My ears have rarely feasted on tunes so melodic as these. You never hear the same tune twice. Slowly or rapidly, the tubes offer something nice either way. The possibilities must be almost infinite with 8 tubes. OR

Your chimes bring me peace. OR

I have had your chimes, ...5 myself, hanging year round in my trees (we have big ones in CT) and they are still there, ringing with great melodies. I have met neighbors who walk, and came to my door wanting to know where I got them. They liked walking by my house the most because of the chimes!!!! I don't remember the first year I ordered, think it was in early 1990's, and they are still going strong. I keep ordering them. No other one can match the beautiful tones. I also order them for my neighbors. Thank you for your work. Pat

My wife...loves the sound and I am very happy with the quality of the workmanship. It's a wonderful product so I bought another one today. NY

I have had my chimes hanging from the eaves continuously since the early 1980's without so much as a fray in the cord. Gail

That completes my seasonal set then! I'm sooo glad I found you on-line! Your chimes are the only ones I'd have on my back deck! IN

I really enjoy your chimes and they are very durable! I bought 'some' for my mother about 6 years ago, who lives in Colorado. Her chime sounds as good as it did when I first gave it to her. Your chimes are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone! Kristina

I first heard your wind chimes...25 years ago during a meditation retreat. The sound was so beautiful that I searched until I found the same chime...These chimes are remarkable...They sound better than any others that I have heard...I think they sound much better than the aluminum ones that are in all of the gift shops around here. TX

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