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Musical Specifications at a Glance - See Legend at Bottom
Amazing Grace G B4 A 5 G6/9
Ancient Echo A A4 A 5 Quartal Mode
Aquarius Bb Bb4 A 5 Bb6/9
Aries C C5 A 5 C6/9
Autumn Aura C C5 A 5 C9
Brother Wind Amin A4 H 6 Amin11
Cancer D# A#4 A 5 D#6/9
Capricorn A A4 A 5 A6/9
Close Encounters F A4 A 4 Fadd9
Debussy Bells none A4 A 6 Wholetone
Earth B B4 H 5 solid
Earthquake B B4 H 5 Emaj9
Fire Fmin C5 H 5 plasma
Gemini D A4 A 5 D6/9
Hallelujah C C5 H 5 Cohen
Happily Ever After D A4 H 6 Canon in Dmaj
Jupiter F A4 H 5 Fmaj9
Leo E B4 A 5 E6/9
Libra F# A#4 A 5 F#6/9
Lingering Lullaby C C5 A 4 Csus2sus4
Lunar Eclipse A A4 A 5 A6/9
Make A Wish C C5 H 5 Happy Birthday
Mars Bbmin Db5 H 4 Bbminadd9
Mercury E E5 H 4 Emaj7
Morning Glory A A4 H 4 Aadd11
Neptune Cmin C5 H 6 Cmin11
Pisces B B4 A 5 B6/9
Pluto Fmin C5 H 4 Fminmaj7
Purple Haze F A4 A 5 F7aug9
Sagittarius G# C5 A 5 G#6/9
Saturn G# C5 A 4 G#add9
Scorpio G B4 A 5 G6/9
Solar Flare D A4 A 4 Dadd9
Spring Splendor C C5 A 5 C6/9
Summer Simmer C C5 H 5 Cmaj9
Taurus C# C#5 A 5 C#6/9
The Blues Emin B4 H 6 blues scale
Twilight Bmin B4 H 5 harmonic minor
Uranus C#min C#5 H 6 C#min11
Venus C C5 A 4 Cadd9
Virgo F A4 A 5 F6/9
Water A A4 A 4 Aadd9
Westminster Quarters D A4 A 4 Dadd9
Wind Cmin C5 H 5 Cmin6/9
Winter Wonder Cmin C5 A 5 Cmin9

Chart Legend:

  • Key - Musical key of the Song Composition
  • Lowest Note - The lowest note and longest tube of the Song Composition, with octave designation
  • A/H - Anhemitionic/Hemitonic - Anhemitonic has no half tones - Hemitonic has half tones
  • 456 - Designates how many tones are in the Song Composition structure - 4 designates a 4 note chord - 5 a pentatonic scale or chord - 6 a hexatonic scale or chord (this does not correspond to how many tubes, or notes, are in the wind chime itself, as all our wind chimes feature 8 notes, or tubes)
  • Remarks - Special information about the Song Composition - Name of the chord, etc.

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