How can I hear the wind chimes?
If the native Audio Player or embedded SoundCloud player does not appear or work correctly, a link is provided on each product page to the mp3 file which may be opened by clicking directly on it, or downloaded to your hard drive by right clicking and choosing Save Target As, or its equivalent, depending on your browser and platform. Quicktime and other audio plugins, depending on your computer configuration, may open a separate page, window, or tab.
Will the wind chime play the song it is tuned to?
Because the wind blows randomly, the tubes will be struck randomly as well. Any tune that a particular wind chime references is only represented by certain notes in a certain chord, key, or scale.
Which wind chimes are compatible together?
On each wind chime product page, look for listings next to Compatible. To hear how multiple wind chimes sound together, open a separate tab or window for each, and activate the native audio players simultaneously.