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Purple Haze Wind Chime

Purple Haze Wind Chime

Purple Haze Wind Chime
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Known affectionately as the Jimi Hendrix Chord, as popularized in Purple Haze and Foxy Lady, this bluesy sounding augmented 9 chord has also been used by the Beatles in Taxman, and as early in classical compositions by Claude Debussy.
Notes: A4 C5 F5 A5 C6 D#6 F6 G#
Type: Anhemitonic, Pentatonic, F7aug9
Compatible: Aquarius, Cancer, Close Encounters, Debussy Bells, Fire, Hallelujah, Jupiter, Lingering Lullaby, Neptune, Pluto, Virgo, Wind

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Best wind chimesMy wife loves wind chimes and is always looking at them at local stores. She has purchased many over the years and I have picked them all up and thrown them away as they all deteriorate and fall to pieces on my patio. I purchased your "Purple Haze" chime several years ago and it's the only one still hanging. I just ordered 2 more of yours because not only are they the best quality, they also sound so brilliant. Thanks so much for making a quality Made In America product. Written by Lyle Huffman on Thu 20 Apr 2017 8:50:37 PM GMT
Purple HazeBought this for my husband who had been wanting a quality wind chime. Did a bit of shopping around and after hearing your chimes, I knew we would never be happy with another brand. We are all very happy with it, and I have since ordered a different one as a memorial. Toughest part was deciding which one to purchase. All of them are very nice. Thanks,
Written by Mona WIlkerson on Mon 12 Aug 2013 3:29:40 PM GMT
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