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Our Featured Wind Chime

Lingering Lullaby Wind ChimeLingering Lullaby Wind Chime
~ One of our most popular and soothing, Lingering Lullaby features a suspended chord of open tonality, creating a gentle floating sensation. Composed by Debra Mathis, pianist and composer.
Notes: C5 D5 F5 G5 C6 D6 F6 G6
Type: Anhemitonic, C9sus4


More Musical Themes - 4 Selections:
Close Encounters Wind Chime (SKU: F-01)Close Encounters Wind Chime (SKU: F-01)
~ Close Encounters is based on the 5 notes first sounded by the alien spacecraft in the movie, "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind." Three extra notes add harmony.
Notes: A4 C5 F5 A5 C6 F6 G6 A6
Type: Anhemitonic, Fadd9
Debussy Bells Wind Chime (SKU: A-02)Debussy Bells Wind Chime (SKU: A-02)
~ Debussy Bells celebrates the 150th birthday (today, August 22, 2012) of French impressionist composer Claude Debussy, very influential in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with his extensive works in the wholetone scale. As the wholetone scale does not have a tonal center, it is a member of 6 different keys, one for each note of the scale. Therefore, there are only 2 possible wholetone scales in the chromatic design.
Notes: A4 Db5 F5 A5 B5 Eb6 G6 A6
Type: Anhemitonic, Hexatonic, Wholetone
Make A Wish Wind Chime (SKU: C-06)Make A Wish Wind Chime (SKU: C-06)
~ Many Happy Returns! It is interesting to note that the Happy Birthday Song is still under copyright protection. So blow out all those candles and Make A Wish!
Notes: C5 E5 G5 C6 D6 E6 F6 G6
Type: Hemitonic, Pentatonic, Key of C Major
Purple Haze Wind Chime (SKU: F-02)Purple Haze Wind Chime (SKU: F-02)
~ Known affectionately as the Jimi Hendrix Chord, as he popularized it in Purple Haze and Foxy Lady, this bluesy sounding augmented 9 chord has also been used by the Beatles in Taxman, and as early in classical compositions by Claude Debussy.
Notes: A4 C5 F5 A5 C6 D#6 F6 G#
Type: Anhemitonic, Pentatonic, F7aug9