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"The reason I got into making musical wind chimes way back in 1980 was because of their tranquility, their serenity, their joyfulness. They take you to that other timeless dimension of peace where nothing else matters. It is that aspect that still matters the most, and that is what we focus on."
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Make A Wish Wind ChimeMake A Wish Wind Chime

Many Happy Returns! It is interesting to note that the Happy Birthday Song is still under copyright protection. So blow out all those candles and Make A Wish!
Morning Glory Wind ChimeMorning Glory Wind Chime

Most Morning Glory flowers reach full bloom by early morning, just in time for your first cup. Composed by Franz Connor.
Twilight Wind ChimeTwilight Wind Chime

Also known as 'Sweet Light,' Twilight is the period of time between the final setting of the sun to 18 degrees below the horizon, when all shadows disappear. Composed by Franz Connor in the harmonic minor scale.
Close Encounters Wind ChimeClose Encounters Wind Chime

Close Encounters is based on the 5 notes first sounded by the alien spacecraft in the movie, "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind."
Debussy Bells Wind ChimeDebussy Bells Wind Chime

Debussy Bells celebrates French impressionist composer Claude Debussy, very influential in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with his extensive works in the wholetone scale.
Purple Haze Wind ChimePurple Haze Wind Chime

Known affectionately as the Jimi Hendrix Chord, as popularized in Purple Haze and Foxy Lady, this bluesy sounding augmented 9 chord has also been used by the Beatles in Taxman, and as early in classical compositions by Claude Debussy.

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