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"The reason I got into making musical wind chimes way back in 1980 was because of their tranquility, their serenity, their joyfulness. They take you to that other timeless dimension of peace where nothing else matters. It is that aspect that still matters the most, and that is what we focus on."
CATEGORY: Our Lowest Tone Wind Chimes
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Ancient Echo Wind ChimeAncient Echo Wind Chime

Dedicated to Pythagoras of ancient Greece, Ancient Echo is composed in the suspended mode of the common anhemitonic pentatonic scale (or symmetrical quartal scale derived from successive musical intervals of the fourth: 2 up from the fundamental tone and 2 down from the octave). Great for Zen Meditation.
Happily Ever After Wind ChimeHappily Ever After Wind Chime

Happily Ever After is based on the opening melody line of the Canon in D Major by Johannes Pachelbel, ubiquitously heard at wedding ceremonies.
Brother Wind Wind ChimeBrother Wind Wind Chime

In memory of Brother. A minor 11 chord.
Capricorn Wind ChimeCapricorn Wind Chime

Capricorn: Dec 2 - Jan 20
Gemini Wind ChimeGemini Wind Chime

Gemini: May 21 - June 21
Virgo Wind ChimeVirgo Wind Chime

Virgo: Aug 23 - Sep 23

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