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Handcrafted America with Jill Wagner

Handcrafted America recently interviewed us for a spot on their show, featuring Franz Connor and Jill Wagner producing a Custom Tuned Wind Chime pitched to the melody of The Yellow Rose of Texas. It aired on February 17, 2017.

YouTube Playlist

See our video playlist at YouTube.

SoundCloud Playlist

Listen to our complete playlist of 45 wind chimes on SoundCloud.

3M Brand Rube Goldberg Machine

Franz custom tuned the musical tubes in this video: 3M Brand Rube Goldberg Machine.

Philip Goddard Recordings - UK

Philip Goddard has created a recording of 4 sets of our wind chimes in the wild. See Teign Gorge: Outlandish Wind Chimes Duos! (1).

Just Intonation

See Wikipedia for more information about Just Intonation.

Schumann Resonance

See Wikipedia for more information about Schumann Resonance.

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Enjoy our complete playlist of soothing wind chimes at SoundCloud as your ambient background for all your activities.