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Custom Tuned Wind Chimes

Handcrafted America recently interviewed us for a spot on their show, featuring Franz Connor and Jill Wagner producing a Custom Tuned Wind Chime pitched to the melody of The Yellow Rose of Texas. It aired on February 17, 2017.

For your own Custom Tuned Wind Chime pick 8 notes from the menus below. We will help you manifest the sound you want within certain specifications. The steps in the process are as follow:
  1. Identify the tune, musical phrase, key, and the notes.
  2. Identify the tuning standard: Just Intonation, 12-TET, Pythagorean, etc.
  3. Identify the Concert Pitch: A440, A432, etc. We normally use A448 for compatibility with Schumann Resonance of Earth and Moon.
  4. Cut the 8 tubes, lay them out, play the designated melody, record the performance, send it to you for confirmation.
  5. Assemble the chime, record the random performance, send it to you for confirmation.
The wind will not likely play the designated melody, only the notes of the melody in random order.

Custom jobs require up to 30 days for completion.
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Enjoy our complete playlist of soothing wind chimes at SoundCloud as your ambient background for all your activities.