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"The reason I got into making musical wind chimes way back in 1980 was because of their tranquility, their serenity, their joyfulness. They take you to that other timeless dimension of peace where nothing else matters. It is that aspect that still matters the most, and that is what we focus on."
CATEGORY: Celestial Harmonies
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Earthquake Wind ChimeEarthquake Wind Chime

Earthquake resonates the first six mathematically reduced pitches of the Harmonic Series (1/1, 2/1, 3/2, 4/3, 5/4, 5/3) in the register 6 octaves higher than the Resonant Frequency (Schumann Resonance) of the Earth.
Lunar Eclipse Wind ChimeLunar Eclipse Wind Chime

The resonant frequency of our Moon is measured to be about 28 Hz, harmonizing perfectly with Concert Pitch A448. Lunar Eclipse resonates sympathetically in a register 4 octaves higher.
Solar Flare Wind ChimeSolar Flare Wind Chime

The occurrence of a Solar Flare varies from several per day to less than one every week, following an 11 year cycle.
Mercury Wind ChimeMercury Wind Chime

A day on Mercury lasts for 2 Mercurian years.
Venus Wind ChimeVenus Wind Chime

On Venus, the sun rises in the West.
Mars Wind ChimeMars Wind Chime

While Mars is larger and more massive than Mercury, the gravitational pull at the surface of both planets are almost identical, as Mercury is more dense than Mars.
Jupiter Wind ChimeJupiter Wind Chime

Jupiter radiates more heat than it receives from the Sun.
Saturn Wind ChimeSaturn Wind Chime

Saturn has an average density about 30% less than water.
Uranus Wind ChimeUranus Wind Chime

The rotation of Uranus is such that the poles are almost parallel with the plane of orbit around the sun.
Neptune Wind ChimeNeptune Wind Chime

Recorded wind speeds on Neptune reach as high as 1300 MPH.
Pluto Wind ChimePluto Wind Chime

Pluto has been reclassified as a dwarf or minor planet. Its highly eccentric and inclined orbit around the sun takes it periodically inside the orbit of Neptune.

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