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About The Artists

Davis Blanchard built his first Pipe Song Wind Chime in 1980, after being inspired by a gift of a musical wind chime, to soothe his newborn son, and to enhance the garden at his home-built cabin in the Bastrop TX woods. Family and friends wanted some too. Soon they were constantly selling out in outlets such as Artstanding, Missouri Botanical Gardens, National Ornamental Metal Museum, Disney World, Dallas Arboretum Botanical Society, Buchanan's in Houston, Natural Gardener in Austin, Handmade USA, Down to Earth in Eugene, Handmade in Oregon, Ocean Annie's, World of Science, Coop America, Manchester Woodcrafts, The Wind Chime Store, Living Arts, In The Wind, Whimsical Winds online, and the list goes on. Internet retail sales took off at the end of 2007, and wholesale was gradually phased out. Experienced as a musician, song writer, and audio engineer, Davis has studied music theory, physics of music, and history of music origins. After his son, Franz, took over the business in 2016, he was able to retire. He currently operates a mobile recording studio and an intimate production studio for songwriters. For examples of his musical work and engineering, see his Deja Studio page at SoundCloud.

Franz Connor, son of Davis, controls the business as a subsidiary of his parent company, Earthtones Windchimes, named for the fact that we base our reference tuning to the resonant pulse of the Earth and Moon. He began as an apprentice in 2008, and took charge of production in 2014, allowing his father to retire in 2017 after servicing the business for 37 years. Accomplished on guitar, Franz has a good understanding of music theory. His specialty is Custom Tuned Wind Chimes.

About Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes

Here at Davis Blanchard Wind Chimes, we take great effort and joy to provide you some of the most soothing, durable, and melodic wind chimes in the world today. Whereas most musical wind chimes are mass produced, many of them overseas, ours are handmade one at a time here in Austin TX USA. And whereas most wind chime websites sell products made elsewhere, all the wind chimes offered here we make ourselves. We choose peace of mind by keeping our company small, and to focus more on the quality produced by own hands, rather than focusing on how many units we can produce and how much $ we can make. Thus our 'artisan' wind chimes are unique, and you won't find them everywhere and just anywhere.

One thing we spotlight is a lower pendulum cord guard to protect the wind chime's greatest vulnerability, where the lower pendulum cord rubs against the bottom of the tubes. No other wind chime maker offers this safety feature. On top of that we back our work with Free Lifetime Repair. See more in the Design section about how we create our very durable long lasting resonate wind chimes.

To achieve the lush symphonic sound in our wind chimes, we employ 8 tubes, rather than the standard 5 or 6 that other musical wind chimes do, to express what we call super-octave voicing, by spreading 8 tones over a 2 octave range. The others simply feature the few tones within a single octave pentatonic scale. We offer more variety in unique original compositions, and were the first wind chime maker to give tribute to the 4 Seasons, the 4 Elements, the Celestials (the cosmic bodies of our Solar System), and the Zodiac (astrological signs).

We utilize an ancient tuning system, called Just Intonation, to ring out pure musical intervals for a more pleasing listening experience. We tune our wind chimes to Concert Pitch A448 for harmonizing with the fundamental resonances of the Earth and Moon. See more information in our Music section about Just Intonation and Schumann Resonances.

You won't find any other quality musical wind chimes that are more affordable than ours. For comparing models of 1 inch diameter tubes, divide the price of the wind chime by the number of tubes to get the cost per note.

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Enjoy our complete playlist of soothing wind chimes at SoundCloud as your ambient background for all your activities.