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Hi, I am Davis. My son, Franz Connor, and I hand make, in Austin TX, a choice selection of musical wind chimes precision tuned to Just Intonation (a tuning system that derives musical intervals by simple mathematical ratios) for the purest harmonic tones, soothing sounds, and eloquent melodies. Each composed with 8 distinct notes, these tuned wind chimes offer a generous super-octave tonal range of expressive voicing in a wide variety of chords and scales. In natural alignment with the cosmos, they are tuned to Concert Pitch A448 for harmony with the resonant frequencies of the Earth and Moon.

Engineered in a sleek attractive design to elicit the full potential of the wind, these most durable wind chimes are constructed for long life. They feature a lower pendulum cord guard for protecting the most vulnerable part of a wind chime. For extra peace of mind, if your windchimes break from a fall, or wear out a cord many years from now, complete in-house repair is provided with free labor, cord and minor parts.

Other websites that claim to offer the best wind chimes actually mean that they have only the best wind chimes they can get. Hardly any make them. Most wind chimes are mass produced; many of them overseas. When comparing other brands of wind chimes, remember to separate the apples from the oranges by distinguishing between the number of tubes, outside diameters, lengths, and cost per tube. See details in the Comparison Chart at the top of all the product pages. Also be aware that the first thing that wears out on a wind chime is the cord. I take utmost care to use the strongest and thickest braided polyester cord that will work with the design, and to uniquely protect it at the most vulnerable points. This, along with free lifetime repair, adds into the total savings and value of the wind chime over time.

The soothing sounds of these compelling compositions make spirited gifts of peace and harmony for all kinds of occasions, including holidays, birthdays, memorials, weddings, anniversaries, house warming, corporate honors, retirements, and just to say I Love You. My hand tuned windchimes are wonderful enhancements indoor for Feng Shui, yoga, and zen meditation; and outdoor for home and garden decor in all types of nature settings. They are the highest quality windchimes for all your gift giving needs, and whatever your mood may be, are what many consider the world's best sounding windchimes in bringing that peace of mind you deserve.

It has been my pleasure to entertain an ever increasing community of windchime lovers since 1980, and my personal hand engraved signature on each of my handmade windchimes guarantees your satisfaction as well. These durable windchimes are backed by decades of experience, and delivered direct from my front door to your front door. Available on this website only, this is the perfect time to avail yourself to these soothing windchimes for your own sense of tranquility.

Westminster Quarters

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Davis Blanchard Westminster Quarters Wind Chime

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chime I have ever heard.
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