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Most Popular Wind Chimes - 4 Selections:
Lingering Lullaby Wind ChimeLingering Lullaby Wind Chime~ One of our most popular and soothing, Lingering Lullaby features a suspended chord of open tonality, creating a gentle floating sensation. Composed by Debra Mathis, pianist and composer.
Amazing Grace Wind ChimeAmazing Grace Wind Chime~ The most famous of all the Christian folk hymns, Amazing Grace was written by the English poet and clergyman John Newton, and published in 1779. With a message about forgiveness and redemption, it has been associated with many melodies, but most frequently sung to a tune named "New Britain."
Westminster Quarters Wind ChimeWestminster Quarters Wind Chime~ Westminster Quarters sounds the 4 familiar tones of the famous Big Ben Clock Tower in London, known also as Westminster Chimes, Cambridge Chimes, and erroneously as Winchester Chimes. The original musical key has been transposed up from E to D, and the 4 notes are duplicated in 2 octaves for a fuller sound.
Ancient Echo Wind ChimeAncient Echo Wind Chime~ Dedicated to Pythagoras of ancient Greece, Ancient Echo is composed in the suspended, or quartal, mode of the common anhemitonic pentatonic scale. Great for relaxing and Zen Meditation.